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tom66 07-20-2013 02:30 PM

PS3 dead laser or motor?
Got another console to fix for myself. PS3 40GB fat came in not reading discs... decided to swap drives with a working spare. Found out later that's not an option, because they're locked to each other. I'm new to console repairs. So took apart dead drive, put the disc in, and it doesn't spin - at all. DVD, nothing, bluray, nothing.

Now to me this looks like a dead spindle motor, but could it be the laser failing some self-test?

Any way to test?

Uranium-235 07-20-2013 03:23 PM

Re: PS3 dead laser or motor?
funny you mention this, I actually ran into an unsuccessful fix of a PS3 a few weeks ago, at first it tried to read, eventually not. Probably something I ended up fucking up

anywhooo. Heres what you do. Take the top plastic part off. Leaving nothing but the bare spindle, laser, and loaders. Put a disk in, once it moves it toward to spindle (with the top part off, it should actually end up a little further beyond the spindle) pick it up quickly. See of the BD laser blinks. If the laser blinks, probably bad spindle motor

also, maybe before hand, with the top plastic part off, move the laser assembly further down, it should move forward when you start putting a disk in, or when the PS3 is booting up, this way you know if the stepping motor is bad or not

controller boards CAN be switched out, but it requires having the exact model controller board and unballing the NAND chip from one board and putting it on another.

this could ALSO be the ribbon cable from the laser assembly to the controller board. Make sure those connections are tight. If need be take your MM and check each contact (yes this is a PAIN IN THE ASS)

they do sell new spindle/bd laser assemblys on ebay for $~32

ben7 07-20-2013 07:16 PM

Re: PS3 dead laser or motor?
I guess it could also maybe be a bad driver IC for the motor. Or the disk drive control IC is toasted.

cheapie 07-20-2013 07:33 PM

Re: PS3 dead laser or motor?
You said you had a working spare? Try connecting the control board from the broken drive to the spare mechanism.

Uranium-235 07-20-2013 07:39 PM

Re: PS3 dead laser or motor?

Originally Posted by cheapie (Post 356958)
You said you had a working spare? Try connecting the control board from the broken drive to the spare mechanism.

as much as I appreciate your enthusiasm...and wish it worked that way. It does not. In my expirence with my attempted repair, the thing will not even TRY to roll a disk in unless its connected to the PS3 and the PS3 is on. Not sure if this will work with a rejected NAND chip or not.

you could always switch out JUST the controller board from his 'bad' one with the replacement

pentium 07-20-2013 07:55 PM

Re: PS3 dead laser or motor?
There IS a way to swap drives between PS3's. You need to run a bit of code that uses the exploit and forces the remarriage of a different drive to a PS3.

I had copies of the dongle images and instructions someplace but I can't find them now. I'm sure though it's on Google someplace.

Uranium-235 07-21-2013 02:45 PM

Re: PS3 dead laser or motor?

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