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  • HP Elitebook 850 G8 flashes capsl 7 times after bios un/resolder

    Hello all,

    I am trying to remove bios pw from this laptop so I desoldered, dumped and flashed and resoldered the chip on the back but ever since doing this caps lock just flashes 7 times, no fan no screen, also the charging/power light immediately comes on when connecting the battery.

    What do I do?...
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  • Dell Vostro 3420 BIOS Password Removal

    I have a Vostro 3420 8H8K5R3‚Äč-8FC8 that freeze at any attempt to enter bios password or the recovery master password received from dell. I do not have a clean BIOS image to flash.
    And as luck would have it happened a couple of months ago right outside of the warranty period (Dec 2023) warranty expired in September. Any help or guidance is appreciated.
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    Hi, I bought a gigabyte g5 kc from a friend of mine for cheap cause he forgot the bios password, my main issue is that he changed a lot of things in the v core settings which led to the pc overheating liek crazy, i have a dump from the bios file and i wish to get some help removing the bios password

    MOBO S/N 1TNH55DP1250306
    P/N 6-77-NH55DPQY-DO2-3D
    LAPTOP S/N SN21251J002692
    P/N 9RC45KC02CE1E1FR501...
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  • Dell Latitude 5580 possible bios corruption

    Dell latitude 5580, motherboard cdp 80 la-e151p

    3 amber 3 white blinks. Dell website sais it's problem "bios recovery" and suggested solution "recovery image not found"
    (from here [URL][/URL])

    I try plugging charger while pressing ctrl+esc, machine turns on, nothing and after 20 seconds it gives 3 amber 3 white blinks again.

    Since ssd is replaced and had clean install...
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