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  • Lenovo Legion 5 Pro (R9000P ARX8)

    Hi guys! We need a bios dump.
    Model Legion 9000 PRO 8 (2023)
    s/n PF4T63Y1
    I downloaded the bios on the official Lenovo website
    It is not possible to fill it with a programmer on a flash drive
    In the original flash drive, the file weight is 2 MB.
    Please help me)
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  • Beginner Tutorial for using RCUnlocker to remove BIOS password?

    Kinda new to this, so hoping you will all give me a bit of a pass.
    I came to this forum because need to remove the BIOS password on an HP EliteBook 850 G1.
    I understand that I need to dumpt the BIOS to a dump file, process the dump file with RCUnlocker, then write the modified BIN file back to tthe BIOS chip.
    Is there a beginner guide anywhere that describes the entire process for doing this?
    I am reallly in the dark regarding which tool or tools are required to extract the BIOS dump file, then write the modified BIN back to the BIOS chip. The guides I have...
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  • nissimezra
    started a topic NB6098_MB_V7 bios bin file

    NB6098_MB_V7 bios bin file

    Device: Laptop
    Brand: Redmibook
    Model: Redmibook Pro 14 AMD 6800H
    Board number: NB6098_MB_V7
    Serial number: couldn't find serial it's in chinese
    Request: BIOS dump
    Problem,: Black screen

    Many thanks​
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