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  • Asus TUF H370-Gaming Motherboard: Doesn't Power On

    Details contained in these two reddit posts: [url][/url] and [url][/url]

    I've been attempting a repair of an Asus TUF H370 Gaming Motherboard. It fails to react to the power button being pressed, there's a debug light which confirms that there's standby power to the board but after any attempt to power on the components there's no sign of life. I've started my diagnosis and...
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  • Posting again, please help.

    Hey, I'm trying yo find the Schematics for Ms-15821 Ver:1.1(or any at this point honestly) my laptop randomly shut off and wasn't powering on, no lights or anything, finally found someone who got it on but now it only stays on for 25 minutes to 1 hour, he's been trying to find the schematics but no luck, could someone help me out please, my university classes have started and I need the computer because I'm a CS student so I need the laptop to code‚Äč
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