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June 2nd, 2015 - Summertime Again!!

First off, my apologies for the lack of updates, I've been VERY busy!!  I'm also happy to announce that I have 3300uF 6.3v Ultra-low ESR caps back in stock!!  Same OEM fitment that I always had, in a 10x25 package, Rubycon MCZ.  I was able to track down some NOS a couple weeks ago.  Some other values that I was low on have also been replenished.  I am VERY fussy about who I buy from, as counterfeit capacitors run rampant online (especially ebay).  I only sell the REAL THING, so my apologies for running out of stuff, but I only want to make sure you're getting the best of quality and authentic parts!!! is beginning to now venture into e-waste recycling.  I'm not one of the guys making landfill out of old electronics, I see that as extremely wasteful if there is any life remaining in the device.  I recondition and re-purpose these items!!!  If you now have old PC's, TV's, Servers, network equipment, smartphones, or any other electronic devices you'd like to see be reconditioned and find new homes, please contact me!!  We will pay the shipping!!  Many of these devices are simply donated to those in need.  Fear not, we will still and always accept your repair work as well!!

  I do want to say to all the do-it-yourselfers, keep it up!  It is really great to see so many of you amateur electronics guys & gals still around today.  I also salute all the professional techs out there.  All you techies out there are the reason that is entering into its Thirteenth Year of business!  I couldn't have done it without you, THANKS!

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Low on cash? is your PC repair solution!!  This economy has everyone in a pinch and worried about their financial future!  I understand that, and can help!  I know that every dollar counts these days, and most just can't afford to shell out hundreds for a new computer right now.  Replacing the bad capacitors on your mainboard is the cheapest and most reliable way to get several years more service out of your system!

  We can repair your PC mainboard for a small fraction of what replacement would cost!  The average repair cost is $70.00, including return shipping.  Replacement with a new PC will be 5 times that easily by the time you figure in all the hidden costs, and that's if you replace with an inexpensive system!  If you build your own systems, you already know the costs involved, and cringe at the thought of trashing a mainboard for something as trivial as bad capacitors.

Avoiding the Micro Device Hysteria??
  Tablets & smartphones aren't taking over the world like big box stores would like you to believe....don't be fooled by the microdevice hype!  A tablet or phone is a nice supplement, but a very poor replacement for a powerful desktop machine!!  Browsing the web on a smartphone is about as exciting as watching a Sony Watchman back in the day....remember those??  I didn't think so.  I don't understand how one gets warm a fuzzy inside watching videos on a 5.7" screen (the screen size of my Samsung Note3), and most smartphones aren't that yea, the world still needs & wants desktop PC's!!

   Windows 10?  Seriously Microsoft?!  Skipping 9, and relishing in the abysmal nightmare that 8/8.1 was.....  Windows 10 better be something very special, or I sense a not-so-bright future for the former OS giant...

  If you are also one of those that wishes to keep your older hardware alive to stay on the pre-windows8/8.1 platform and avoid that horrendous "Metro" interface, can help!!  The bad capacitor problem has diminished greatly in the PC motherboard world, but it is not extinct yet!  Bad capacitors are more commonly found in your computer's power supply or LCD monitor these days, but you still want to check your motherboard, as they can still be found there many times.  If you find some, fear not, there is a cure!!

BADCAPS.NET is cleaning out the attic!!
   The 'rummage sale' has been quite successful, most of it is gone from this round.  I have more that I am preparing to add to the site, so keep checking back!  I also have a bunch of IT Grade network stuff to add as well.  This is your chance to get some insanely awesome buys on used but working hardware I have on hand.  This hardware consists of unclaimed repairs that have been here over a year, hardware I've taken on trade, and hardware that has been in "goodie boxes" over the years.  Every piece for sale has been tested and/or reworked/recapped, then cleaned, and is in perfect working condition.  The garbage and non-functional stuff has since been sent to the recyclers.  You may view my hardware for sale HERE.  The list of hardware will be progressively added to, so always check back! has EXPRESS SERVICE Available!!
   Have an emergency repair???  Don't want to wait for the Standard Service?  Click HERE for details on's new Express Repair Service!  The average turnaround time for Standard Repair Service is roughly 10-15 days in my shop (weekends excluded).  My new Express Repair Service reduces the turnaround time to no more than 4 days in my shop (weekends excluded)!!  Express Repair Service is an additional $25.00 per board, and is completely optional.  Full details HERE.

  June Specials: Motherboard Value Pack, only $59.95!!  Sale ends June 30th, 2015!

Click here to order now!

Dell Optiplex GX270 Motherboard, only $39.95!! Sale ends June 30th, 2015!

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