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Default The Good Capacitors Photo Thread

Everybody please contribute photos and explanation of the identifying marks of GOOD Low ESR capacitors for motherboard applications.

Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Lead

(Photo from Intel D875PBZLK motherboard, original caps)

Rubycon MCZ. A row of black with gold stripe Rubycon MCZ. Rubycon's top series

(Photo from an Asus TUSL2 motherboard, original caps)

Ruybycon MBZ. The dark purple cap indicated with the arrow. After MCZ they are the second best in Rubycon's series for motherboard applications because of their very low ESR. General availability is difficult. Topcat of these forums can sell you this range in 8mm sizes which are even more difficult to find.

(Photo from an Asus CUSL2-M motherboard, original caps)

Rubycon ZL. A very popular series for motherboard applications. Note the Black colour, The Rubycon K vent marking (many other companies use K markings though, note the style of the Rubycon K marking and that it is quite a deep thick cut unlike the counterfeit ones) also note the Rubycon logo and the cap range namely ZL is clearly noted. Along with Panasonic FC series, general availability is good. ZLH has longer life than ZL series though at the same ESR rating. ZA/ZLG series are the next step up in lower ESR than ZL/ZLH with ZLG having longer life than ZA.

(Photo from an ASUS CUSL2 motherboard, original caps)

Rubycon YXG. Same remarks as above, dark blue/purple colour instead. Not as good as ZL series but perfectly adequate also. YXH series has longer life than YXG though but with the same impedance specs.

(Photo from recapping of a 3com officeconnect 8 port hub)

Panasonic FC. Note the T vent marking which is exclusive to panasonic. Note the M character in a box which indicates Matsushita the parent company of the panasonic brand. Note the navy colour, they also come in black, note the gold negative stripe which is on both colours. Note the FC after the +105oC which indicates they are FC range. There is also FA series which is better but FC series is excellent for motherboard applications and general availability is good.
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