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Default Re: The ghetto mod thread

Okay, now that this thread is revived (blame HARDINGBOY and chozo4 for that ), I'm going to post some of my ghetto mods again.

Ever since I posted that SB heatsink mod, I aquired another motherboard from eBay - an MSI MS-7184. Given that it has a similar SB to the MS-7191 (SB400 vs. SB450), I figured I better make another SB heatsink. This time, a little more elaborate though.

Okay, the soldering didn't come out very pretty. But that's because I kept adding solder in an attempt to cover the entire surface with solder. However, I found that this is not the right method to do that. Instead, it is better to melt a small piece of solder and continually scrub it on the surface of the hot heatspreader base (I was heating the heatspreader on the kitchen's stove) and add flux as needed. But in the end, it still worked.

The base is composed of a PS3 CPU copper heatspreader while the fins are pieces of 1/2" and 3/4" (IIRC) plumbing copper pipes cut in half. This is actually what it looked like before I assembled it:

I haven't mounted it on anything yet, though. Not enough cases at the moment to house all of my working motherboards.
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