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Default Re: The ghetto mod thread

Originally Posted by TELVM View Post
Let's continue terrorising your eyes .
I will fight terror with terror!

Here's a GeFoce 7600GS of mine I got for free:
^ Custom heat sink is made from an Xbox 360 GPU heat sink. Had to do only minor trimming and cutting to make it fit.
Now the back side:
^ we have a Xbox 360 heat sink retention bracket holding the heat sink via 2 screws. Since there were ceramic caps on the opposite side under the GPU, I had to raise the bracket. That's what the 2 wood pieces do. A piece of nail is placed on top of them and used by the retention bracket as a swivel so that the tension on each side of the heat sink is even. To make sure the wood pieces and the nail swivel do not move if there's a slightly loose tension (there shouldn't be, but just in case), I hot glued them to the video card.
Finally, note the lower MOSFET on the left - that's the reason why I got the card for free (the original 20A one was shorted). The replacement in that picture is a 85A MOSFET (a 85N02G) taken again *gasp* from a Xbox 360. Let's see the video card try to make this one go short
And finally, something to cool the heat sink with:
^ Yup, that's half of a Xbox 360 fan set cut with a jig saw . The fan is a 70 mm Delta screamer. I only have it hooked up to 5V because anything more will make the video card fly away - that's how powerful those things are.

Originally Posted by TELVM View Post
That cardboard duct securing exclusive cool air from the front for the NH-D14, ontop the 960T X4 3.0 unlocked to X6 & OCed to 4.1, lowers CPU temps by ~4 C.
I didn't know cardboard is UL 94V0 -approved .
How to know the CPU in your computer is overclocked too much...
- the ducts start catching fire

I must admit, if you never told us that duct was made from cardboard, I wouldn't have never guessed it. Looks very well cut and formed.
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