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Default Re: The ghetto mod thread

Time to jump-start this thread again...

I finally took pictures of the second ghetto-modded case that houses my second HiPro unit - a DL-P2507FWP REV:H01. The case came from an old gutless JNC PSU that burned itself up many ages ago.

Actually, for anyone that is interested, this is what's left of that JNC PSU:

And this is what it used to look like (different caps aside):

Now it houses this:

Quite an improvement from the original PSU guts, no?
I also added all of the round holes in the case - they are positioned so that cool air blows right where the heat sinks are.

If you're wondering what those pieces of steel sheet on the bottom of the case are in these pictures:
- basically the mounting holes on the HiPro PCB are slightly further apart than what the case provided. Also, the threads inside two of the PCB standoffs were stripped so I couldn't use them anyways. Ended up cutting them off and then using 2 pieces of steel sheet on each side of the bottom of the case to have something that the new standoffs could mount on. Another modification I did was change the wiring on the IEC power receptacles to 18 AWG 600V rated wire (was 22 AWG 300V rated wire originally on that crappy JNC PSU! ). As for the connector - it came from some junk PCBs I picked up from a TV repair shop. Voltage-selector switch is from a cheapo Raidmax RX-380K PSU. Wire on it is 600V 20 AWG rated.

The CBE-branded fan is actually original to that JNC PSU. I wanted to put a better sleeve bearing fan there, but I didn't have any. Cut the grille out, though, because it was very restrictive. The CBE fan is already weak enough as it is, especially with HiPro's temperature controller - so I don't need it to be even weaker.

And the Pizza Hut sticker? - I don't know how that came about, but I swear I'm not advertising for Pizza Hut (if anything I prefer Dominoes or Papa John's, but whatever). I was 11 or 12 at the time so I don't remember why I put that there. Probably had pizza before I decided to take apart that broken PSU that night.

I think I'll post the rest of the guts of that HiPro PSU in the PSU Pictorial thread. It's nice.
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