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Default Re: QW-MS3010D 30V 10A Variable PSU Blown MOSFET

So i decided to try swapping the MOSFETS with what i have for testing (which in this case, were 2 K3568's (which i know may not be ideal in this thing)) and the PSU almost worked, the only issue is that it only outputs 500mV max (which is roughly 29.5V short of its rated max output). So i'm wondering now is it still the control chip or do i need to get the right MOSFETS and this thing will work fine?

A couple of things to note: the voltage control knobs were able the control the output (but due to the low max voltage, it wasn't any major change), and i was testing this thing in series with a 53W halogen bulb, but the bulb did not glow for most of the testing.
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