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A quick update on the 620's.

The failed boards are still trickling in and the common fault in almost all cases bar one is the two 820uF venting (under the disk drive) and all the 220uF around the same area and close to the regulators.
Interestingly enough the odd one I've just repaired, the usual two 820uF tested fine and the failure was due to the numerous 220uF caps going bad. Something to watch out for I think as one usually goes straight for the high value caps.

All the other caps on the board were tested and proved to be at 0.01 ohms. I did change the 820's just in case but it's odd why these haven't failed in this particular board?
I'm expecting another load of faulty boards today so I'll check the date stamps on the caps to see if anything there shows up.

I've also got a load of GX280's to repair but that's for another thread I think.

Happy New Year to all and have a good re-capping 2009

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