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Per Hansson
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Default Siemens 840D PCU50 Industrial Computer

Here are two systems from work, one quite a bit nicer than the other
The first is from an Adige LT 702D Tube LASER machine

Both systems use Nichicon HM 1500F 10v 10x16mm capacitors from 2001 and 2002, since they see allot of uptime (generally 24/5 atleast) they have failed.
Though we do have another system not pictured where all capacitors had datecode 0213 and they are all fine... So the Nichicon HM/HN problem is probably dependant on which production batch the capacitors came from...
The mainboards have marking A5E00124368 and the whole PC A5E00145835 or 6FC5210-0DF20-0AA0
The systems are WintNT4 With a Celeron 566Mhz CPU and 128MB SODIMM RAM, they can (and will be) upgraded with another 256MB stick of RAM, Kingston KVR133X64SC3/256 works well.
And a Pentium III-S Tualatin 1400Mhz CPU (compability may of course depend on what BIOS is installed in the system, and of course it needs to be a PCU 50 and not older...)
I replaced the capacitors with Samxon GC 1500F 6.3v, I did check the voltage with a multimeter so I knew it was ok to reduce the voltage rating, the 7x capacitors near the CPU see VCORE (1.75v with this CPU)
The 5x capacitors near the PCI slot see 5v (so they are bulk filtering)
And the lone capacitor by the SODIMM slots see VDIMM (3.3v)

The geniuses that designed it put a large 120mm industrial fan sucking outside air into the cabinet it is located in, you can imagine what the dust created by LASER cutting in steel does to computer mainboards and powersupplies? Let me tell you; it's lovely!

I think it is fortunate this is a 24v DC/DC PSU, had it been a 230v AC/DC we would probably have started a small fire inside the machine!
After we do the old tried and true washing sink + water treatment, throw in some YES and a toothbrush its like new, after like 10 mins of scrubbing to remove the crap!
(Note that all pictures can be clicked for a larger version, and you need to be logged in to see them).

The treatment for the mainboard is the same, it was so filthy I did not bother removing the bad capacitors before it's bath!
As you can see it looks like new after it's bath too, and the new Samxon GC capacitors looks quite improved vs the old bloated Nichicon HM aswell

Next up is the second system, this is from an Adige Systems Adilas flat bed LASER machine, unlike the other machine they did not put a fan pulling outside air into the cabinet, so after 6 years there was only a small bit of dust around the CPU heatsink, the powersupply looked like new! So this system did not need the water treatment
Notice that two of the capacitors in the first pic are fine, they have a datecode of 0213 unlike the ones that are bloated which have datecode 0143.
This also proves that as long there are good capacitors installed the outside 120mm fan is not needed, since even those two lone capacitors survived the huge loading they received when the capacitors around them failed!
Because of this I will disable the outside 120mm fan on the other machines...

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Default Re: Siemens 840D PCU50 Industrial Computer

Nice job there Per Hansson.

Those boards look like new now!
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Default Re: Siemens 840D PCU50 Industrial Computer

here is one that had 04 dates on the hn/hm
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Default Re: Siemens 840D PCU50 Industrial Computer

i see rubycon... at least it has good ones now.

my emachines t5026 mobo has 3 nicicon HN caps that are copper and black. machine origanally bought in 2005. person had used it with the stock bestec psu, which was too burnt up to fix. board is stable, no visible failed caps. its hard to tell the dates since 2 have the codes blocked by a connector, etc. the one i can tell had an 04 in it but i am not sure on how to translate the codes.

the old owner did a lot of heavy gaming on it. had an aluminum brick for a cpu cooler. had ash everywhere inside (he might have been a pothead... NASTY!... or maybe it was stuff drifted from the failed psu). the ash was same color as what was charred everywhere from the burnt up psu. a resistor inside overheated a few jamicons and when one leaked outta the bottom, it must have lit up based on how burnt up the cap was.

am i ok or do i need to recap?

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Default Re: Siemens 840D PCU50 Industrial Computer

Any body can help me I need to know out put voltage pinout of PCU50 power supply.
Thanks a lot
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Default Re: Siemens 840D PCU50 Industrial Computer

Hi, is there anybody who can share the schematic of this motherboard?

Im having boot problems with it.

I think it is a problem with reset circuit or embedded controller. (FDC37B727)

Any help will be appreciated.
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Default Re: Siemens 840D PCU50 Industrial Computer


I have a motherboard from Siemens SINUMERIK PCU 50 566Mhz
And I want to know the value of a particular motherboard resistor
There is someone who could help me with that?

I upload a picture of the motherboard with the placemark.

Thank you
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