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  • Hi, a few days ago the IT5571E arrived, and after replaced nothing goes better.

    The client doesn't want to wait, so nothing more at this moment.

    Thanks to all that helps in this thread.
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  • Hi, yes it is a IT5571E 128.

    I 'm still waiting for the new chip.

    Is there any issue with this chip?...
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  • I've tested your bios without cleaning the me region, and nothing changes. I'm starting to think that bios is not the problem, but I will clean me region and test it.

    I've ordered a new ITE kbc just in case it were damaged.

    I hope next week the kbc will be replaced and the laptop working....
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  • I will test your bios and let you know.

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  • Hi SMDFlea, I have tested in windows 7 but doen't work for mi, even in compatibility mode and 640&480.

    I have got it running the ITEM_20240227_22345_WIN_P14CFG.exe as is, in win-pe and looking at temp dir. It's a bit tricky because the __Samsung_Update folder is erased in no time.
    This is what I get:

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  • It's not my case, I have open the file via open menu.

    I'm using a win-pe system running in a Vmware virtual machine.

    Tomorrow I will tray in a real windows 10 machine....
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  • Hi volinakis, thanks for your help.

    I have just downloaded the same file from Samsung just in case yours were corrupted, and have the same content and same problem when open it with find_gz.21.

    Seems this file is corrupted or have some anti-unpacking technique.

    Here is the error it shows:


    Is it the same error it shows for you?

    I hope somebody have a trick to overcome this.Hi...
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  • Thanks SMDFlea, seems not an easy job, but will tray and let you know.
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  • Bad news from this Samsung, same problem, it reacts to power button but there is no cpu vcore and no voltage for ram.

    Have no enable signal in pins 10/11 for dram pwm chip (TPS51486RJER)

    First time it recives power with the modified bios, (image.rar) could see some pulses at pin 1 of flash chip. (seems that kbc reads its firmware from bios at that moment)

    Could be that bios region is the one that is corrupted, but can't get a good bios from Samsung or internet.

    I will update when there is some news with it....
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  • Thans volinakis, I will test and post results....
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  • Francisco.s
    started a topic Samsung Galaxy Book NP750XED

    Samsung Galaxy Book NP750XED

    Hi, need bios for Samsung Galaxy Book NP750XED-KC4ES.

    This board mounts a intel alder lake, and seems that the bios is corrupted.

    I tried two versions of flash image tool 16, and shows some errors and can't open it.

    This are the errors:

    Command Line: X:\MEA\FIT\fit.exe

    INFO : Start decompose 'X:/MEA/samsung.bin' image.
    INFO : MFIT version used to build the image:
    INFO : Generate layout dictionary <xpath, container wrapper>
    INFO : Layout dictionary generated successfully
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  • The nm-d281 motherboard has another connector to read and write the main kbc.

    I think you are right, the keyboard worked without using the programmer.

    Thanks and regards....
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  • Finally I have managed to read the IT8176 with Vertyanov programmer using the NM-D563 configuration. I've search on internet and found the following:

    NM-D563 KB_pins=34 (JKB2) LEFT DOWN 08MM PD0=20 PD1=16 PD2=14 PD3=9 PD4=13 PD5=17 PD6=10 PD7=12 BUSY=23 STB=15 AFD=26 INIT=19 SLIN=18 KSI4=22 KSI5=21 FLASH=56 CHIP=IT8176FN-56A

    This way I could read the chip and make a backup of its data. I have not write the chip, seems that it takes this data from bios when booting the first time.

    This is the working backup:...
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  • Hi reformatt, seems that the problem was the IT8176 was damaged or not being properly soldered. I have replaced with a new one and it is working perfectly. This one is from the same vendor, and received the same day as the other one.

    I will do some tests and tell you more about the issue....
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  • Hi reformatt, I have the software for SVOD programmer but not the programmer,.

    I have the Vertyanov programmer first edition, and have tested the two settings for 34 pin connections in the "MB connection ITE" file. (located in Vertyanov programmer foder)

    This are the connections tested:

    VG20SQG KB_pins=34 LEFT DOWN 08MM PD0=9 PD1=8 PD2=7 PD3=11 PD4=10 PD5=12 PD6=14 PD7=15 BUSY=18 STB=27 AFD=30 INIT=24 SLIN=25 KSI4=26 KSI5=28

    VGFG r2.1 (J3101) KB_pins=34 LEFT UP 08MM PD0=26 PD1=27 PD2=28 PD3=24 PD4=25 PD5=23 PD6=21 PD7=20 BUSY=17 STB=8...
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  • IT8176 replacing

    Hi, I have replaced a IT8176 in a Lenovo nm-d281 motherboard, and need to know how to program this keyboard controller.

    The initial problem was an erratic behavior of numeric key pad, due to one of the IT8176 keyboard pins was shorted to gnd.

    Now it completely doesn't work. I tried to R/W new chip with Vertyanov programmer but don't know which pin of the 34 pin keyboard connector have to be connected.

    Does somebody know how it should be connected to Vertyanov or Svod programmer?...
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  • Hi mily.gawel, did you solved the issue with a new bios?

    I have the same motherboard and no bios from the forum works, only the original one is working but with no image.

    Please share the bios that works for you, if any.

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  • MSI motherboard 16J91 have no bios pules

    Hi, have a MSI motherboard 16J91 with no image and only consumes 22 mA when power on.

    There is no voltage at pin 8 of bios chip in stand-by, but as soon as I push the power button, pin 8 and all other pins of bios voltage rises to 3 volts, but no pulses are present.

    No voltage on PM_SLP_S5# or other PM_SLP.

    KB9028Q has been replaced and programmed without any issues, but pulses in bios still missing. (measured with dso)

    Can pch be blocking bios pulses?

    Thanks for your help....
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  • CPU vcore missing in HP workstation Z2 Mini 4G

    Hi, have a HP workstation Z2 Mini 4G for repair with CPU vcore missing.

    The resistance at the output of CPU vcore coils, is less than one ohm so I think CPU could be damaged, but no mosfet are damaged.
    It mounts an i7 8th gen, and have only i5 7th gen for test, but I think it is not compatible.

    Without CPU in the socket there is no short, but there is no vcore voltag, and it emits a beep like no detecting ram.

    The controller chip for cpu vcore is a MP2949A, and has no enable voltage at pin 37.

    I wonder which circuit generates this enable...
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  • Hi, have some interesting news.

    laptop has been working for a few hours and can confirm that voltage on vcore is too much higher than it should be.

    In bios setup screen vcore was 0.8 volts and in windows login screen it was 0.6 volts during that few hours.

    So I think it should be a problem with a resistor o capacitor from the feedback circuit.

    I have tested some resistor but seems to be good all of them, but without schematic is very difficult to follow the circuit.

    Could be an internal cpu voltage sensor problem?

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