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Default Re: Repair Fence Energizer SS-1000E Fi-Shock

Thanks!! ok, will measure DC.. Is it DC from that moment on?

so I get:
1) From 27-> (4, 5, 6, 13) = 36VDC (stable)

I was thinking to myself, wouldn't it cool if there was some "Emulator" that one would plug such a circuit board, and it would just tell u all the voltages between all points, and u can quickly find the culprit, it sounds like a doable thing, maybe it exists ?

I'll be honest, not sure how to proceed with these volt checks, if in DC or AC

for example:

From 34-> 6 = 8VAC (dc jumps all over the place, 500 and down to zero)

does the "coil" board run on DC? maybe i can test it with a separate DC power supply?

Any tips welcomed.

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