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Default Capacitor Manufacturers for Motherboard Applications

3. Capacitor Manufacturers for Motherboard Applications

3.1. Bad Capacitor Manufacturers

Check the following link :
List of Bad Capacitor Manufacturers

3.2. Good Capacitor Manufacturers

Check the following link :
List of Good Capacitor Manufacturers

3.3 Reference of Good Capacitor Series for Motherboard Applications

Aluminium Electrolytic Radial Capacitors (Liquid Electrolyte)

Good manufacturers, with their caps in order of highest to lowest ESR (lower is better, but usually higher cost):

Nichicon : PM , PW , HE , HD , HV , HM* , HN* , HZ
* HM and HN with manufacturing years 2000 to 2005 are NOT good caps! All other Nichicon series are good. *

United Chemicon : KMG , LXZ , KY , KZE , KZH , KZG* , KZJ*
* KZG and KZJ are NOT good caps! They will even go bad on the shelf! All other UCC series are good.
Note: possibly this series is ok with 2008 and later manufacturing years

Rubycon : YXG , YXH , ZT , ZL , ZLH , ZLG , MCZ
Series Chart, List of Substitutes for Old Series
ZL is probably the easiest to find and our can supply top Rubycon caps or similar, please PM Topcat

Sanyo : WX , WG

Panasonic : FC , FM
FM is sometimes cheaper than FC and better. Both are great though.

NIC Components - NRSZ , NRSJ , NRSG , NRSX , NRSK

3.4. Can I use any old cap to replace the ones on the board?

It is recommended to use only Low ESR caps from the above manufacturers to repair the board properly. You will probably not find Low ESR caps at a local store and you will have to order them from one of the mail order companies or PM the forum owner Topcat who will sell you some.

3.5. Can I use caps from one of the bad caps manufacturers to repair the board?

It is also not recommended, they will probably fail in the same amount of time. Caps can either fail open or make a short. If they make a short your board is probably toasted so you are taking a big risk. We have seen with the newer boards the caps are failing much faster than before, like in less than 1 year. Perhaps this is due to the higher voltage requirements of the new CPUs/Chipsets. If you use caps from one of the good manufacturers the board will last 7 years or more.

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