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macbook A1706 820-00239

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    macbook A1706 820-00239

    Hello ! The system installs but cannot boot and the screen of death appears.

    macbook works in safe mode
    after pressing the power button, the system starts to boot after 27 seconds, which is a very long time

    Long time to boot is usually a bios fault. Reflash the board. Have some bios images here in my database if you need them.

    Or could be the attached - recall a thread on this forum discussing this issue - this will throttle the CPU speed.

    Update - found the thread - review the thread and Q1930 mosfet.

    MacBook Air A1466 2017 Operating Very Slow - Badcaps

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PCH_ME.png Views:	0 Size:	89.4 KB ID:	3273603
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      I tried a couple of BIOS firmwares that I have and some load quickly or slowly or do not work at all, but there is an error during loading that does not allow it to turn on
      I would be glad to test a couple of your firmwares if possible)
      since the failure occurs when I try to load the image of the first download, I think that the problem is somewhere in the region with the graphics


        Here you go:

        Will post them in the BIOS forum as well later today.

        Also, have you investigated the above MOSFET issue?


          I returned the old BIOS, but the Mac did not start. I decided to change the case and I am confused because the motherboard successfully booted and is working in a different case! (maybe a problem with the keyboard or touchpad). but the fingerprint doesn't work even though I transferred it from my original case!