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Default Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

Originally Posted by y_not View Post
I was wondering if you could clarify for this "flush cutter newb".

It appears from the photos that they are angled for what, a 45degree cut?
Are they designed this way so that you do not have to hold your knuckles parallel to the board to get a parallel cut of the lead?
IE. This way you don't have to wrench your wrist or arm at an odd, awkward, unnatural angle. Instead, holding it more naturally, with your hand raised away from the board and your knuckles not jabbing into component leads. With the tool end now parallel to the board, instead of the handle being parallel. Letting it do the work of making a proper angle, leaving your hand comfortably away from the board.

Or is it the other way around?
Where by placing the handles of the tool parallel to the board, thus raising the cutting end up and off the board surface, so as to get a proper cut length from the component lead. Each and every time.
IE. The tool automatically makes the proper length each cut when used in this fashion.

I'm sure once could use it either way, but going against what the tool was designed for, kind of defeats the purpose.
Hopefully I have described this well enough to make sense.
Mainly the first way.
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