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Default Re: Dell GX620

Originally Posted by PCBONEZ
So I understand the GX620 [I don't have one to play with yet but I'm looking] puts a bunch of 220uF right under the hard drive which limits airflow and is source of heat on the 220uF that SX270/SX280 don't have.
The SX280 and GX620 are almost IDENTICAL systems, only a few variations in their boards, cases are identical. The 220uf caps don't fail on them, its the little 22uF 25v caps that will go from time to time. The SX270, I've never seen anything lower than the 680uF caps fail on.

FWIW on the sx280 and gx620, I've stuck 220uF 16v caps in place of the failed 22uF 25v caps many times, never had any problems doing that.
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