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7. Installing the new capacitors

7.1. Preparing the capacitor for installation'

New capacitors come with quite long leads, it is recommended to trim the leads of a capacitor you are going to install to about 1cm length for both leads. This is not a requirement but it will make it easier for you to insert short leads through the holes rather than unneccessarily long leads. In order to trim the capacitor leads you will use micro clippers not standard wire clippers. This is because the micro clippers cut the wires nicely and do not compress the ends into sharp points like the standard wire clippers.

7.2. Remove the board from the board holder. In order to install the capacitor you will have the board flat on the table.

7.3. Check for the negative lead carefully before you begin : Look at the front of the board, you will see a white semi-circle or mark at one side of the circle. You must match up the white/silver/gold line that goes down one side of the capacitor with this white mark. This shows the negative lead. Pay attention to this it is important, the capacitor will blow if installed incorrectly when you apply power to the board.

polarity is important!!

This is where it is useful to refer to the diagram that you made before you started the recapping process. Double check on the diagram the value of the cap to be installed and also double check the polarity. Sometimes the polarity noted on the board stencil is incorrect. Trust the polarity the old capacitor was installed in, rather than the board stencil. Asus for instance indicate positive with the white hemisphere unlike everybody else.

Check also on the front of the board that you have not marked an X to show that a capacitor was not installed in that position. It is easy to get carried away and make that mistake. It is not recommended to install new caps where there were not before unless you are following a tried and tested mod.

7.4. Do not force the capacitor leads down the hole : you must bend the leads together slightly so they are going to go down both holes nice, do not force the capacitor, if you have problems bend the leads some more or maybe you will have to clean the hole again but better this time. If you force you may damage the foil around the inside of the hole.
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