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Unhappy Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Found a nice looking stainless steel microwave the other day left outside for trash pickup. Pic:
So I got it home. Turns out it's a Panasonic NN-SN797S. Although pretty on the outside, this is what it looked like on the inside:

I haven't tried testing it yet. Am I correct in assuming that I shouldn't run it like this? On the inside, there was a cover of some sort on the side that has started to burn. Looks like it has aluminum foil or something similar in it. Anyone know what that is and what it's used for? Magnetron cover, perhaps?

Other than that and the rust, the electronics looks fine. Nothing obviously burned. Pics:

So can I do something about it? Everything looks very nice on the front but IIRC those rust spots will make the magnetron short, correct? Can I cover everything in aluminum foil or something like that? Or is there a special paint that needs to go on top of the metal inside the microwave?

What do you all think? Make a new thread and fix it or just trash it?
I'm thinking save the electronics at the very least, maybe even the door and frond panel as well (a lot of reviews mention broken latch mechanisms on the door so maybe someone else can use those parts).

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