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Default LG Flatron L1550S PSU - Samxon GF failure

A friend at a local newsagent sent me an LG Flatron L1550S LCD monitor to fix and upon opening it, there was a bulged Samxon GF series capacitor before the output inductor on the +12V rail.
Originally, there were 470uF 25V units before and after the first inductor on the +5V and +12V rails; however, I recommend using 1000uF 16V (before and after the +12V inductor) and 2200uF 10V (before and after the +5V inductor).
Also, there was a 470uF 10V capacitor after the second +5V inductor and a 220uF 25V capacitor on the +12V rail, near the CCFL inverter.

Finally, am I losing faith in Samxon low-ESR capacitors? (I think the values originally in the unit were a bit underrated)
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My first choice in quality Japanese electrolytics is Nippon Chemi-Con, which has been in business since 1931... the quality of electronics is dependent on the quality of the electrolytics.
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Default Re: LG Flatron L1550S PSU - Samxon GF failure

Actually, no need surprise for this matter. This is not the first time i saw Samxon GF 470uF 16V/25V failure on some hot hardwares, like LCD monitors. GF series is the old series(the first type) of low ESR caps and need more improves. See the Samxon Series Charts here ->

By this reason, i always have some vigilance for GF series and sell GF series very carefully. I never get any stock of GF series, except 330uF 35V D10mm, which i got the stock on end of last year, because i want to test it on some Gigabyte motherbaords.

I have installed much of Samxon GF 330uF 35V on some Gigabyte old motherbaords from DEC 2006 till to now. There is no any failure.

Here is my caps database,

Anybody knows i keep stock for Samxon GF 330uF 35V D10x16mm only, no others GF series.
My SAMXON Capacitors Database HERE!!

X-CON is a new brand for SAMXON's Polymer Capacitors.
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Default Re: LG Flatron L1550S PSU - Samxon GF failure

I think my flatron (19 wide, last year's model) has GF's too.

Will let you guys know if it dies.

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Default Re: LG Flatron L1550S PSU - Samxon GF failure

If your supply runs hot (and most all passively cooled inverter boards do) you will be back .

I first ran into these caps in 07 on a customers Gateway LCD (Benq designed the inverter/power supply) all bulged replaced them with Nippon Chemicons and returned it to a happy customer.

Samxon GFs are ticking time bombs similar to Nichicons screwup with their caps from 01 to 04. Both good brands that just made a mistake.
Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

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