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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

My local Craigslist is also filled with CRT and projection TVs - at least several posted every day. And once or twice a month, I also see those high-end widescreen Sony Wega and Panasonic TVs - but those do actually get taken. I asked a few posters, and they said they often manage to give them away in no more than a few days. Same goes with newer and/or larger CRT monitors - looks like I'm not the only one that takes those anymore. What's even more funny, some people have now started to list CRT monitors for sale for a good chunk of money due to their "vintage" value.

As for microwaves... I see those on CL here too, but they are usually broken. Still, people do seem to take them once in a while. The working microwaves definitely get snatched quickly.
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