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Ah hell, I might as well post here. I'll probably check in from time to time, as the pile of recapped boards grows. :)

Generic jack(al)-of-all-trades, doing a little bit of everything from raytracer design to marine diesels. Not excellent at much, but can feign a passing knowlegde of just about anything. Started with computers on a Trash-80, and used just about everything since. Current primary interests are raytracing, 2-stroke engine design, building microcontroller-based water treatment systems, and attempting to get in touch with my creative side, which even though I've yet to see any sign of it, everyone insists I must have somewhere.

Did my first recapping about 3 years ago, and have done a number since... All of them have been mine or friends', as soldering isn't one of my favorite activities. (even with a good filter fan, still not healthy, plus it's just not a very interesting job...) Current projects are a MSI 694D Pro V1.0 (see other posting) and a FIC KA11 (Mostly "I.Q." caps, all of which look toasted, with three leaking, and one splattered all over the board. A few Teapos that look ok, and a few "S.I.(r)" (registered symbol) caps that look ok. I'll post on it in the "other motherboards" section at some point)

Male, 6'0", mostly grey wolf with a few other things thrown in (do a wikipedia for "furry" if that seems a little odd to anyone), straight... oh, this is an introduction, not a personals ad. :)

Current real job is the rather repetitive task of installing directv systems... mostly pays the bills. sometimes. Past jobs have included two years teaching computer engineering to college students (ended with me getting fired, for refusing to dumb-down my class into a new-world-order approved little robot training center), installing security cameras, carpentry, general electrical, plumbing, av/hifi repair (mostly silver-era receivers... mmm, discrete output stages...), web design and programming (mostly database-backed web sites), toy store owner, putting microcontrollers into new and interesting places, linux sysadmin, and just about anything else that was available when bills needed paying.

Current spare-time projects are a raytracer, a 1/4 scale petrol r/c car, putting together enough working boxes to build a rendering farm (if anyone has any p3 >600mhz cpus, or boards to put them in, feel free to send them my way. :), ranting about the sad state of {world, politics, humanity, education, capitalism}, and on the back burner, designing a programming language with unique OO semantics (started on the reference compiler, but haven't had the time to do much more).

GNU/Linux user, with a bit of freebsd and openbsd thrown in. Can't stand windows. Don't see how anyone uses windows.

Music tastes are mostly classic rock, with quite a distaste for the crap that's called "rock/pop" these days. TV tastes are pretty close to non-existant (probably the only directv installer without a TV), but include Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Father of the Pride, and a few random sci-fi shows. Political tastes tend towards utopianist, with a quite depressing view of most people as selfish, greedy, unthinking, unintelligent, and uncaring, making any attempt at peace or happiness pretty close to impossible.

Present recapping equipment is a weller soldering iron, sylvania vacuum desoldering system, and a TDS210 'scope for testing.

Oh, and I have a habit of rambling on forums, resulting in posts that are way longer than they need to be. :)

Nice to be here,
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