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Default Re: Power supply build quality pictorial. part 2

Yet another Key Mouse (K-Mex) unit, this one is labeled as 450W but they were dumb enough to leave the real model in one of the stickers that reads PX230 so this is a 230W unit from their PX Series also this unit is a little bit smaller than average ATX PSUs with only 120mm depth, all caps are ChengX except the primaries which are HEC branded and at least in this case the manufacturing quality is horrendous, there are cracks in the PCB and loose solder drops all over this thing the rest as follows:

No EMI/Transient filter ...even website says it's "optional"
4-diode treatment
only two "Y" caps but fake ones
Primary caps 470uf-200V
Primary switchers 13007
SB switcher 2N60
Supervisor+PWM CG8010 it just me or this is a chinese-equivalent version of WT7520?
Main transformer EI-28
SB Schottky SB340
12V Schottky F12C200
5V Schottky MBR2045
3.3V is generated by 40N03 mosfet
All positive rails use one 1000uf cap except -12V which uses one 470uf cap
No output coils (and/or space to stuff them) except for SB

I've seen this kind of small PSU before under brands like ULTRA or Maxpower all with pretty much the same stuff inside just small changes like bigger main trafos' (EI-33 or EI35) and higher rating rectifiers, some of them use real bridge rectifier instead of 4-diodes but so far all low-end Key Mouse made PSUs I've seen use EverPower trafos' so what do you think? Everpower inside equals to Key Mouse made?
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