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Default Re: Power supply build quality pictorial. part 2

HiPro HP-2507F3P 250 watt PSU - came from a Dell OptiPlex GX260 SFF
DC Output: 5v @ 22A, 3.3v @ 18A, 12v @14A, 5vsb @ 2A, -12v @ 1A
150W combined on 5v and 3.3v rails
Has passive PFC (transformer not visible in the pictures) and uses single-transistor forward design. 5vsb is generated from a TOPSwitch TOP200YA.

Schottky Diodes: 1x 40A for 5v rail, 1x 40A for 3.3v rail, 1x 16A for 12v rail, 3A axial diode for 5vsb
3.3v rail is generated from a Mosfet (hence the lack of a seconds coil on the secondary side)
Primary capacitors capacitors: 2x 200v 560uF Panasonic UP?
Secondary capacitors...
3.3v rail: 3x Asiacon LE 10v, 2200uF
5v rail: 1x Asiacon LE 10v, 4700uF and 1x Asiacon LE 10v, 3300uF
12v rail: 2x Asiacon LE 16v, 3300uF
5vsb: 1x Asiacon LE 16v, 1000uF and 1x Asiacon HT 16v, 470uF
-12v rail: 1x Asiacon HT 25v, 470uF and 1x Asiacon HT 16v, 220uF?

Very nice power supply overall, with thick heatsinks and temperature controlled fan.
Got it for free (well, $5 actually - reason in post below) because the 5vsb was not working. D203 (UF202, a 2A diode) was shorted. Replaced temporarily with FR153 (pulled from a gutless PSU long time ago), and PSU is up and running now .
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