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    Post your system.......

    Ok, boredom and curiosity got the better of me..... Whats in your box?

    Supermicro X5DAL-TG2 board (all Sanyo caps stock)
    2x 3.0GHz Xeon CPU's (1mb L2)
    2gb Corsair ECC RAM
    ATi 9800 AIW (yeah, prolly time for an upgrade, but I use the TV tuner constantly)
    Audigy2 sound
    Adaptec 2100S SCSI RAID Controller
    2x Fujitsu MAN-series 18gb, 10k, 8mb cache U320 HDD's (set in 36gb stripe, and hellishly faster than a SATA RAID. The OS and progs installed on...
    2x Fujitsu MAN-series 73gb, 10k, 8mb cache U320 HDD's. (mirrored for other stuff.)
    NEC 12x DVDRW
    Plextor 48x CDRW
    Pioneer Slot-load DVDROM
    LS120 (Yeah, I know... older than Jesus himself, but hey...)
    Zip-250 (doesnt even work, just too lasy to pull it out of the case)
    Case: Lian Li solid steel server tower... A few years old, but it would stop a .22 caliber round, I guarantee it, weighs 80lbs EMPTY.

    Thats about it... I might throw a pic or two up...
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    Re: Post your system.......

    OK, we're boring. Our family's desktop is a 3YO Sony Vaio, stock. We used to buy HP, but when we heard their systems would be designed at Compaq, we switched. It has 512MB RAM, 60GB HD, CDROM drive, DVDROM drive, Win XP Home. We have a Zip 250, an HP multifunction printer, and an HP photo-printer. My kids (17YOD, 20YOS, and 23YOD) and I have Inspiron 1100 (1), 2200 (1), and 1000 (2) laptops among us.
    PeteS in CA

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      Re: Post your system.......

      Athlon 64 3200+ @ 2.6ghz
      Soltek K8T-Pro 939 chemicon, sanyo, and a few small OST
      1GB DDR dual channel
      Radeon 9600XT
      Sound Blaster Live 5.1
      Ricoh DVD RW 5120
      Lite On 48x cdrw
      floppy for some reason
      2x 80gb Western Digital SE
      100 gb western digital 7200rpm
      160gb maxtor diamond max 9 sata
      Windows X64
      Thermaltake purepower 420w
      Antec 1030B case


        Re: Post your system.......

        Well, not much point to this, but might as well post anyway...

        On the right:
        msi 694d pro 1.0 with 22 new nichicons
        2 p3-866 cpus with shiny orb fansinks
        2gb pc133 sdram
        80gb, 160gb, and 200gb hard drives
        52x cd-rw drive
        agp geforce 2 video card
        two generic lan cards
        adaptec scsi card
        pci ATI all-in-wonder card, boat anchor (mach64) variety.
        unknown case. (like most everything else above, garage sale purchase)
        And a FUCKING PAIN IN THE ASS 16x dvd+-r/rw drive I've never gotten to work properly. (burns flawlessly, but becomes brain-damaged trying to read anything)

        On the left:
        unknown motherboard.
        p2-350 cpu
        20gb, 40gb, and 60gb hard drives
        16x cd-rw
        agp ati mach64 all-in-wonder.
        other stuff. (hey, it's been around 6 years since I last had the case off this one!)

        Both systems have 17" monitors, placed next to each other, using x2x to magically warp the mouse and keyboard between systems. (looks like dual-head, but on two separate machines)

        USB devices, all on the dual p3-866:
        5 USB hubs (4 4 port and 1 7 port, plus the 4 ports on the motherboard)
        3 USB wacom intuos graphics tablets
        6 USB inkjet printers
        2 USB laser printers
        1 USB sound card.
        1 USB digital microscope.
        1 USB mouse.
        1 USB wireless keyboard.
        1 USB 6-in-1 flash card reader
        2 USB plugs for digital cameras
        1 USB cd-rw driver
        1 USB ethernet adapter
        1 USB scanner

        Plugged into all computers: KVM, a cheap logitech mouse, and a crappy logitech keyboard with useless "internet buttons" taking up room that I've never used and never plan to.

        Behind me, a box I just put together for a relative:
        Athlon 1ghz
        Asus A7V motherboard (yes, I'm finally parting with it... it's served me well)
        16x cd-rw
        384mb pc133 ram
        2x20gb drives
        radeon 7200
        kne111tx nic (bad; need to replace)
        some sound blaster sound card that's crackly and poppy, and looks like an IRQ problem, but fucking windows reassigns all the cards so they share IRQs, and won't let me disable ACPI. Absolutely, positively, fucking worthless operating system!

        To the left of me, one of my spare boxes:
        another msi 694d pro 1.0 motherboard, another 22 new nichicons.
        2x p3-800 cpus with generic fansinks.
        1gb pc-133 sdram
        20gb disk
        old radeon card

        On top of that box (there's a lot of stackage in my room!):
        p4-1.5ghz box, 768mb pc400 rdram, awaiting a motherboard transplant, with the motherboard presently sitting on top of it.

        To the left of that box:
        A rather partial duron-700 box

        On top of that box:
        Another athlon 1ghz system
        Motherboard full of g-luxons. No caps look bad, but is unstable as hell, and sometimes doesn't turn on. To be recapped.

        Under the table, my laptop:
        dell latitude cpid
        64mb edo ram
        6gb disk

        Under my laptop:
        Sparcstation 5, 110mhz.

        On top of the box on my left:
        My uber-cute panasonic cf-m31 mini-laptop. Will be fixed as soon as I scrape together the money to buy Aaron's graciously offered parts. 80mb edo ram.

        Also on the table in front of me:
        friggin huge SCSI scanner
        Pioneer sx-828 amplifier
        TOA studio monitors, plugged into above amplifier
        Set of cheap computer speakers
        Lots of random stuff, including a few gb of pc100 ram, random cards, digital camera, etc.

        Also on the table on the left:
        A couple boxes of stuff.
        Sony digital camcorder.
        About 50 assorted cards.
        Oscilloscope (tektronix TDS-210 digital 'scope with a set of nice 10x probes)
        Adjustable power supply
        Random crap.

        Shoved onto the small shelving unit in the corner between the tables:
        UPS and two external batteries. (total weight about 160lbs, gives 6-8 hours runtime with everything single thing in the room except the laser printers and the ceiling light plugged into it)
        2 ethernet switches
        part of my extra-bright flashlight collection. (the whole collection consisting of four 1,000,000 candlepower lanterns, a 1,500,000 candlepower spotlight, and a extra-huge 10,000,000 candlepower lantern with heavy-duty shoulder strap)
        chargers for loose cells, flashlights, camera, phone, three sets of cordless tools (mmmm, 18v...), etc.
        More random stuff.

        Rest of the room:
        about 50-75 storage boxes, containing:
        two hundred or so pounds of computer parts
        a hundred or so pounds of pneumatic parts
        a hundred or so pounds of electronic parts
        50 or so pounds of automotive parts
        100 or so pounds of audio equipment
        50 or so pounds of kinky sex toys
        20 or so pounds of art supplies
        My designjet 220 inkjet plotter. (prints on 25x38" paper, a stack of which sits on top of it)
        about 10 assorted computers and cases in various states of assembly
        about 200 lbs of books
        a couple boxes of lasers, ccd cameras, and other fun stuff.
        a bed over in the corner somewhere! often at night I can find it by making a path to it.
        a few more inkjet printers
        Whole lots of completely random stuff.

        Living room:
        about 6 computers in pieces
        color laser printer
        another ethernet switch
        a 16-way combiner/duplexor assembly for an 800mhz cell tower, with duplexor unit and splitters for the receivers. (SHINY! looks great in the living room! weighs >100 lbs and takes up LOTS of space! FOR SALE!!! Would look great in YOUR living room too!)

        In the garage:
        About the same distribution of stuff as my bedroom...
        Lots of computer stuff.
        About 10 systems in various states of assembly.
        Lots of electronics bits.
        Automotive parts.
        A rather large (~200lbs) pile of aluminum in all shapes and sizes.
        My 40lb, 200 amps at 14.4v using, 4-motored R/C car with 13.5" wheels with 1" metal spikes.
        Soldering station (vacuum desolderer, etc).
        About 300 new nichicon capacitors to use at above soldering station.
        More pneumatics.
        More laser printers.
        More inkjet printers.
        More books.
        Power tools, drills, saws, grinders, air compressors, nail/staple guns, socket sets (including 3/4" drive, of course), woodworking tools, metalworking tools, etc, etc, etc.
        About 10 random engines ranging from a 16cc homelite to a 12hp Briggs.
        About 50 pounds of sprockets. (#35, #40, #25, dual #40)
        About 100 pounds of chain to fit above sprockets.
        Honda backup generator.
        Two large plastic bins of less-often-used sex toys.
        Parts for the CNC mill I'm building one of these decades.
        More r/c car stuff.
        One and a half rooms of other assorted stuff I'm too lazy to list.

        In the driveway:
        A set of 31x11.5R15 mud boggers on shiny alloy rims.
        My car, as it doesn't fit in the garage with all that stuff!

        Oh, and more stuff.

        (who has a lot of stuff...)
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          Re: Post your system.......

          I only have 2 systems, a Dell Dimension 8300 and Latitude CPx.
          2,8GHz Pentium 4 Northwood HT (at 200x14)
          @^&($ing Dell proprietary MB
          512MB Infineon PC3200 3,5-4-3-12 (MB insists on running it like that, although SPD is 3-3-3-8)
          40GB Seagate ATA100 HD
          Hitachi-LG DVD-ROM 16x
          Samsung CD-RW 52x32x52x
          GeForce FX 5200 AGP 128MB
          SB Live 5.1
          &^$)*ing dialup modem
          21" Dell P1110 Trinitron monitor at 1280x1024, 85Hz
          Altec Lansing 4.1 speakers
          HP oj5510 and oj300
          Maxiswitch programmable kbd (without software)
          Logitech cordless mouse
          WinXP Home Ed

          650MHz Intel Pentium III Coppermine (at 100x6,5)
          128MB Samsung PC100 2-2-2-6 (I think)
          ATI Rage Mobility M1 w/8MB
          12GB Fujitsu HD
          24x CD-ROM drive
          14,1" TFT

          My desktop is crap because it has to be idiot-proof for my parents. My laptop's crap because I got it used for <$400.
          The great capacitor showdown!


            Re: Post your system.......

            i have 4 machines here but this is the "daily driver"
            gigabyte ga-6vtxd with my add an isa to me mod.
            fully purged of crapcaps.
            2x 1.4 es tulaatin-s cpu's
            256mb gf4
            2gb reg ecc
            6 73gb 15k hd's in raid5
            benq dvd rw drive
            plextor 40x uw scsi reader and 24x uw writer.
            seagate scorpion dds3 dat.
            fisher 400 reciever for an amp.
            60's vintage utah 3ways to match.
            1.5kva exide ups with 5 group 27 agm wheelchair batts in crawlspace.
            24" sgi(sony) flat crt.


              Re: Post your system.......

              Main System

              Chieftec DX-01W Case
              Pentium 4 2.8ghz
              Ram : 2 x 256mb Kingston Hyperx
              Intel D875PBZLK motherboard
              Onboard Intel Pro1000 CT LAN
              WD 120gb JB
              WD 120gb JD
              WD 200gb JB
              Geforce FX 5600
              Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-832S
              Zoom 56k V.92 3025 modem (for dial up to pcanywhere in office)
              M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 Sound Card
              Windows XP Sp2
              Samsung 173p 17" TFT

              Audio and Burning System

              Pentium III 1.2Ghz
              Asus TUSL-2 Motherboard
              Geforce FX 5200
              M-Audio Audiphile 192
              Plextor PX-708a dvdrw
              Intel Pro 1000mt LAN
              WD 120gb JB
              Seagate 80gb
              AOC 17" CRT

              ZyXEL GS-1008 8 port gigabit switch
              ZyXEL 652-HW31 dsl pots router
              Evolution MK-249C midi keyboard controller
              APC Backups 1000VA RS
              Wacom Intuos 2 Graphics Tablet XD-1212-U only used for jobs
              Canon 20D Camera + Tamron 28-75 2.8 lens

              and another system based on cusl-2 which needs a proc. rest of the computers have gone to the office. i dont really need more than 2
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                Re: Post your system.......

                I plan to put together a renderfarm in the garage one of these years, when I do more work on some raytracing stuff... so accumulating stuff.



                  Re: Post your system.......

                  I have 3 systems here, and a colocated server. The one I listed earlier is the 'daily driver'. The other 2 servers are:

                  2x 2GHz xeons per board
                  Intel SHG2 mainboards
                  1gb infineon ECC RAM per board
                  Intel SCRZCR zero-channel U320 SCSI RAID
                  Adaptec forgot the model SATA RAID controller
                  2x MAN3367MP 36gb 10k 8mb mirrored for OS and criticals
                  2x WD 250gb 7200 16mb SATA2 mirrored for other shit and my MP3 collection
                  Adaptec 62044 4-channel 100 base NICs (plus the 2 onboard NIC's)

                  that above list 2x = the servers.

                  Computers are so much fun!
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                    Re: Post your system.......

                    I have 5 total, aside from whats mentioned above i have

                    My linux box
                    Athlon XP 1700+
                    1gb ddr dual channel
                    Asus A7N8X-Deluxe, nichicon caps failed, replaced with rubycon
                    Soundstorm onboard
                    Geforce 3 TI200 64mb
                    Maxtor Diamond Max 9 120gb pata
                    Lite On 52x cdrw

                    My wifes machine
                    Athlon xp 2100+ running at 2380mhz
                    Gigabyte ga-7vtax? recapped with nichicon/rubycon
                    Radeon 9600XT 128mb
                    Soundblaster Audigy 2zs
                    Western Digital 60gb SE
                    Benq 16x dual layer dvdrw
                    Liteon 24x cdrw
                    Windows XP Pro
                    1gb ddr ram

                    Son's Machine
                    Athlon XP 2000+
                    some ECS mainboard, dont remember model, original caps, old green ost's
                    Radeon 8500 64mb
                    on board sound
                    IBM Desktar 60gb 60gxp ( I've never had one fail to earn deathstar name)
                    48x Samsung cdrom
                    Windows XP home
                    1gb sdram

                    Laptop, freebie

                    Compaq 1200 series
                    K6-2 500mhz
                    192mb sdram
                    60gb 5400rpm hard drive
                    dvdrom drive
                    windows xp pro (stripped to the bone)
                    Intel pro wireless lan
                    the couch machine!!


                      Re: Post your system.......

                      ok now post a pic of your setup. I go second......

                      perhaps i should consider cable management. perhaps usual that a tech's office server cabinet is looking good but no energy left for the home system.....anyway please note that there are wood chocks shoved underneath the desk shelf to guarantee perfect burning. there is also the new main computer/networking piece of furniture which i made in about an hour using wood salvaged from the office which houses the zyxel switch and router and yes acts as a bar missing is the sofa chair which i sit on and sometimes fall asleep while browsing the net in the early hours.....
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                        Re: Post your system.......

                        OMFG Will!! HAHAHA Nicotine and alcohol!!! That's all too classic of a computer junkie's desk!! Pic saved! I'll post some soon, I need to take a few.
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                          Re: Post your system.......

                          welcome to command center. i will make it beautiful one day but these days too busy and tired. works 24/7 though.....unlike me. guess i should fix my lifestyle also...........what would mikey say?

                          dsl for the house runs through that switch/router. zyxel just works fine. and yes i did the cables to the other areas of the house professionally.

                          and today they announce 20% cut in prices on 384 and 40-50% on 512 1024. dang i am so tempted to upgrade from 384 even though it is perfectly fine for my needs.
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                            Re: Post your system.......

                  's Nerve Center.
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                              Re: Post your system.......

                              heres my mess in my house

                              i'll try to get some pics next week of my work area
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                                Re: Post your system.......

                                heh i am not the only one who is messy.
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                                  Re: Post your system.......

                                  Asus P2B, Celeron Tualatin 1.1GHz overclocked to 1364MHz, 512MB RAM, 120GB Samsung, 8.4GB WD, DVD-ROM Toshiba, CD-ROM Toshiba, 3.5" FDD, 5.25" FDD ( ), Radeon 9100 64MB, SB AWE 64, 3Com 3C900-Combo, Bt848A-based video-in card, MediaForte ISA radio card (crap), Iiyama VisionMaster 405, SONY XO-D1 hifi (from 1987, bought really cheap, sounds good)

                                  PCPartner TXB820DS, Cyrix MII PR300, 128MB RAM, 30GB WD, MSI CD-RW (Accesstek OEM), LS-120 ( ), Matrox Mystique 4MB, CMI8329 sound card with Dream wavetable MIDI, 3Com 3C509, ADI ProVista E44

                                  notebook DTK FortisPro TOP-5A, Pentium 166MMX, 80MB RAM, Hitachi 40GB, Teac CD-ROM, ESS ES1869+wavetable MIDI, Chips&Technologies VGA, 12.1" TFT

                                  router TD-4IP-UMC-AIO board (ECS?), UMC GreenCPU 486/33, 32MB RAM, WD 4.3GB, no VGA, HP network card, Genius network card, LG LW1100P wifi, Microcom ADSL DeskPorte Router

                                  printserver Shuttle HOT-304, i386DX/25, 8MB RAM, Quantum 170MB, HP LaserJet IIIP

                                  lot of boards and other hardware all around the room


                                    Re: Post your system.......

                                    Mainboard: PCChips M848ALU V2.1 / ECS748-A
                                    HDD: Western Digital 40Gb
                                    RAM: MICRON 2-256Mb DDR266
                                    4x AGP Card: 3DForce4-MX440
                                    CDRW: Liteon 52x32x52
                                    PSU: Antec True430
                                    CPU: AMD XP2200+
                                    Monitor: Viewsonic A70
                                    Sony speakers
                                    $0.49 Microphone
                                    USB Mouse from dumpster
                                    Case, beige box rescued from garbage can.
                                    HP Deskjet.
                                    Intel USB cam

                                    A64 3500+ sitting in an ESD box from AMD Texas, waiting for a new home...

                                    Pretty exciting huh!
                                    Ya'll think us folk from the country's real funny-like, dontcha?

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                                      Re: Post your system.......

                                      cmon some more pics pls....stats are boring
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                                        Re: Post your system.......

                                        Ok there is just too much to list so Ill only spec my main machine
                                        but there are 4 hidding in the room plus 5 more that are not running at the moment

                                        Click on photos for full sized ones

                                        MB ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe (1004 bios)
                                        CPU AMD 64 3500+ ATHLON 64 939P
                                        DDRAM 2x512MB| OCZ4001024ELDCPER2-K @2.8volt
                                        PS 470WEG475AX-VE(w) SFMA2.0 Enermax 470watt
                                        VGA XFX|GF 6600 GT 128MB PVT43GND (X2 SLI) 71.89WHQL
                                        HD 74GB|WD 10K RPM Raptor
                                        HD 36GB|WD 10K RPM Raptor
                                        HD 80GB|WD 7.5k
                                        DVD+/-RW 16X SONY DRU710A
                                        DVD|SONY 16X DDU1613/B2s
                                        FD 1.44MB|SONY

                                        photos and details of my computer
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