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SSD doesn't work after being removed from RAID0

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    SSD doesn't work after being removed from RAID0

    Hi, I got issue with Corsair MP600 500GB drives.
    I was using them in MSI GT83VR in RAID0 mode few months back, at some point I didn't needed them anymore so I removed them and stashed away.

    Now I took one of those trying to install it in another machine, just single disk. BIOS recognizes it normally but when I try to install windows, installer reports drive with capacity of 927GB instead of 500 or less.

    I couldn't do anything with diskpart and clean function or any other function I tried. I tried changing disk modes in BIOS and other basic stuff but didn't work.

    Does anybody got idea how to bring it back to life again?

    Re: SSD doesn't work after being removed from RAID0


    I boot MX Linux 19.4 (version before current 21.2) from a USB key

    I found 21.2 doesn't wake cleanly from Suspend, if necessary to reset SSD security Frozen by doing so


    I just discovered Corsair MP600 is an NVME drive

    Above won't work on NVME drives

    I have used Parted Magic 220904 to clear an NVME drive

    Which I got on 1-Nov-22 from
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