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Fixing an I-Inc IF281D for the 3rd time, now with added flickering!

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    Fixing an I-Inc IF281D for the 3rd time, now with added flickering!

    Hello everybody! It's been nine years and I'm back again with the same monitor that several people here helped me fix back then. The first time, I replaced two caps as was recommended here and the original problem was solved. Then it started acting up a few years later and I came back for a parts list and replaced a few more caps (I didn't make a post about that and don't remember which ones), and again the problem was solved. This time, however, I'm not sure if it's caps.

    The monitor stays on but certain colors will flicker. Generally it's darker colors like dark greys or dark blues, but not black, and not lighter colors either. Then again I'm not sure if I could tell if black was flickering, but it doesn't seem like it. A good example is if I open an Incognito window in Chrome. A blank Incognito window is dark grey and it will cause flickering. The flickering is only of the offending color though, not the entire screen. If I have a white background and put a smaller dark grey window on top of it, only the dark grey window will flicker. Likewise if I open up YouTube, any thumbnail that has dark colors will flicker, but the surrounding white of the YouTube page will not flicker.

    Does this sound like something that could be remedied by replacing all the caps on the board? Or does this sound like a dying logic chip? I tried searching for other people with similar problems but all I could find was monitors that flicker on and off completely, or issues that look like GPU driver problems. For reference, I'm using an MSI 5700 XT GPU, I have two other monitors that I use simultaneously with the I-INC and those two do not exhibit any problems. I also have another I-INC (iH282) that I tested in it's place and it does not exhibit any flickering problems (it has its own humming problem though).

    I know this was an old monitor nine years ago and it's even older now, but I still like it and I loathe contributing to e-waste. Once again I would appreciate any suggestions or input.

    I looked through old emails and I found a Digikey receipt for the capacitors for the logic board, so it looks like I replaced all of them with Rubycons back in 2017. I'm pretty sure I've never touched the power board but I wouldn't figure that could cause flickering just in specific color gradients. That sounds more like it would be an issue with the logic board. Maybe it's something else on the board.