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Default Re: ELNA Cap Identification

Every hobby has it's nonsense.

But what would the world be without color?

I used to visit a site that was all into mods to and overclocking IBM XT's.
You know, like a 4.77 MHz CPU. (Yes, that's Hz with an "M".)
This was in 1999/2000-ish too. 486's were already 'old'.

Overclockers in general crack me up.
Sure you can see the improvement on some data report/readout but like that tiny bit of improvement is even perceivable by human senses.

But then again when I was into cars I'd do silly sh*t like polish the internals of carburetors.

To each his own, you know.

Mann-Made Global Warming.
- We should be more concerned about the Intellectual Climate.

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