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Default Re: The hard drive failure thread

Originally Posted by desert-rat View Post
On Linux runing on a hard drive, I am using Mint on the lap top I am typeing this from . The iso is like 1.9 gig , 2 something running with all the swap files.
I have NetBSD 7.1 installed on an Eee PC 1000 (8GB SSD). The "system" (kernel, system/userland binaries, X server/clients, compiler, man pages, log files) consumes ~650MiB. The sources (kernel + all system/userland apps, S, compiler, all "supplemental packages" like OO/KDE/asterisk, etc.) consume another ~2GiB. No swap space configured (cuz it's an SSD).

I suspect this is a tiny fraction of what a BARE W7 installation occupies!
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