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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

Originally Posted by Pentium4 View Post
Found this beautiful beast at Goodwill for $2.99
What a deal! These were hard to find in Black, and it's in really good shape. I brought it into work to show off and use as my main work keyboard since our Dell docking stations have PS/2. The <30 year old crowd had no reaction, and the >30 year olds thought it was super awesome.

The sound of the keys is unique and the feedback on it is great. The spacing of the keys is perfect for my hands. Will own until I'm dead. Long live PS/2! I am okay with USB mice, but I haven't liked any USB keyboard as much as my PS/2 keyboards.

Old clicky keyboards always deserve to be saved from the dump. I'm glad you did that with this one. Looks like a dependable workhorse. I can't stand typing on a modern flat, shallow-stroke keyboard - my typing rate goes to absolute shit.

Also, the layout on the keyboard shown above is really the only layout I consider to be good. I hate it when they make a small "basterdized" Backspace key or hide the backslash in a hole somewhere... or keyboards with the 3 extra Power/Standby/Sleep buttons above the "Insert", "Home" and "Pg Up" keys row. I use the Home and End keys quite frequently when typing, so I can't stand it when they are shifted a row down due to those 3 extra keys.

Anyways, looks like that keyboard is made by Chicony, judging by the UL number (E164844). The model number also suggests that, as it starts with a KB prefix. On that note, I'm not sure if Logitech had Chicony as an OEM or what exactly, but I think I recall seeing some Logitech keyboards with a KB in their model name. And from personal experiences, I've never seen a bad Logitech keyboard - not the old ones, anyways.

That said, I bought a keyboard too last week from a local thrift store - but in my case, it was USB, as I only have one (1) USB keyboard, and I need more of them now, as I have accumulated a few newer Dell and HP PCs without PS/2 ports. Nevertheless, it's an older keyboard - an HP black/gray one from the Pentium 4 era / mid 2000's. Haven't tested it yet, but it should be okay, as it was new-old stock (NOS). That thrift store had 4 more of these, all still wrapped in their original plastic bags. I was tempted do buy another one, but they were asking $5 or more for them (it's a shittily-managed thrift store, and depending on which volunteer staff works there that day, the price can vary substantially - I've seen them ask for $1 for a pair of RCA audio cables, and also $10 for the same pair, lol)

Originally Posted by jiroy View Post
4 - One Pentium 4 case , it will go for scrap . Goodnight XP..
Can't fit a more modern PC in there?
I find that most oldschool cases tend to be built a lot better than new crap nowadays. Though, I suppose that also depends a lot on the case brand too - after all, there were plenty of cheapo nasty cases in the P4 era as well. But if it's a decent heavy beige case: give it to me any day!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Dan81 View Post
Got a Enermax EG365P-VE 350W for cheap.

Seized Globe Fans (I thought Enermax wouldn't go that low, guess I was wrong then ) and Hitachi primaries with pretty new PCE-TUR caps on the secondary.

Already gutting it. I don't have any use for it considering I have a Seasonic SS-351HT that is better.
Lol, I don't get your strategy. You rebuild shitty Deer and Sun Pro PSUs but gut Deltas and Enermax???

Originally Posted by dmill89 View Post
Kenwood KR-A5040 Stereo Receiver (80W per channel) for $1, a little banged up (some scratches/nicks on the front panel and a few dings on the top of the case) but fully working.
Banged up? Looks pretty decent to me.
And for $1... are you kidding me?!!
What I like about it even more is that this is a simple Stereo amp - none of that complex newer multi-channel "surround" sound crap with harsh input frequency filters and useless DSPs. And it looks like the Kenwood amp above can also go down to 4 Ohms speaker impedance - a really nice feature if you want to drive 8-Ohm speakers on both channel A and B simultaneously.

Originally Posted by stj View Post
so no PR0N colection then, just a load of rubbish!! too bad.
Life has taught me to never look at other peoples' porn collection.
Case in point: I found some dude's computer and decided to look for music. Then I found a few video files with short numbered names, like "1.avi", "2.wmv" and etc. Clicked the first one and the video immediately jumped in on "the action" of one male doing another male.
(And sorry, I don't mean to offend any gay/bisexual readers on here with the above "barf" smiley, but gay porn just simply isn't my thing.)

Then a few years later, I was repairing a PC for a roommate's friend and doing also an OS cleanup. Found a lot of junk "free" virus and registry cleaner softwares in My Documents, so I started selecting them to delete them. After doing that, I found a few other odd applications to delete. But I accidentally double-clicked on a video file (bad left button on my test mouse) in the same folder, and a video popped up. Like the first instance above, the video immediatelly jumped "in action". In this case, it wasn't so bad... or at least it wasn't gay porn. Rather, let's just say my roommate's friend was into some really very big women. And did I forgot to say I really mean BIG!

Anyways... from that point forward, I;m always extra careful to avoid opening any unknown videos of any kind, especially very small ones (less than 100-200 MB) with ambiguous names. I also usually turn on thumbnail icon previews now when browsing through folders with pictures and/or videos. This allows me to see a small (blurry) icon "preview" of what might be in the file, so I can definitely try to avoid it if it looks supsicious.

Originally Posted by stj View Post
still, you have to format it to remove the risk of viri/malware anyway.
Nah. If you're careful, the risk is almost non-existent.
Like I said, I usually do look for music when I get an HDD from a discarded computer. I've found some very interesting music this way - some of it in languages I have never heard before. Also, if I keep the HDD, I also like to keep an image or two (if there are any) of the owner of the computer. That kind of helps me remember where the HDD and/or computer came from and what it had in terms of hardware. In other words, it sort of gives it a "personality".
Any sensitive personal data, though - that I always wipe with a zero-fill program.

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