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Default PacMan ATX Computer Case with ASUS A8V-SE Deluxe v3 build

Originally Posted by televizora View Post
And by the way, this cheepy case doesn't deserve restoration.
Too late.
Actually, it's surprisingly sturdy. Better than most $20-40 modern-day cases.

I suppose I haven't updated what happened with the case ever since I restored it. So here is a picture of the build it holds:

It still has the same ASUS K8V-SE Delux socket 754 motherboard I put in it originally. Only thing I changed is the video card -> went with a PNY GeForce 7600 GS AGP. Runs Windows XP and games from that era decently well (Colin McRae Rally 04, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, CS 1.5 and Source, and a few more.)

As of a few weeks ago, though, I swapped the motherboard with a Biostar NF325-A7 and Athlon 64 (Kotlon 64? ) 3400+ for testing that motherboard and CPU (completed a recap on the mobo.)

Originally Posted by televizora View Post
Install IrfanView.
Yes. Or some of the other popular free image editors there.

Problem was this was a barebones Windows 98SE system I built as a test (hence why it had an old version of MS Paint that allowed saving in BMP only.) And being Windows 9x, using a USB stick was out of the question. So by the time it would have taken me to download IrfanView (or anything else), I figured I'd just compress and move to a floppy instead.

I also have an old version of Photoshop 7 on CD, which IIRC does work on Windows 9x. So whenever I really need an image editor that's a little more sophisticated than MS Paint, I just install that.
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