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Default Re: HP VS17X Monitor issues

Originally Posted by oreo1
I was given an HP VS17X monitor that will not come on at all. The power light comes on, but the monitor will not and I could not see if the backlight was coming on briefly or not. I ulled it apart and found two bad caps that had bulging tops, one with an orange substance on the top.

After reading a lot I found that ALL of the capacitors on this board are on your bad caps list. I have included a list of all caps with specs and some photos. Could someone kindly point me in the right direction as to where the best place would be to find suitable replacements? Thank you in advance for any assistance!!

x1 - Su'Scon 100uf 450v UK 105 degrees
x1 - Su'Scon 470uf 16v UK 105 degrees
x3 - Su'Scon 470uf 25v MC 105 degrees
x1 - Su'Scon 100uf 16v UK 105 degrees
x3 - Su'Scon 100uf 25v SK 105 degrees
x3 - Su'Scon 10uf 16v SK 105 degrees
x2 - Su'Scon 4.7uf 16v SK 105 degrees
x1 - Su'Scon 10uf 16v UK 105 degrees
x1 - Su'Scon 82uf 35v UK 105 degrees
x2 - Su'Scon 2.2uf 50v UK 105 degrees
x1 - Su'Scon 1uf 50v UK 105 degrees
x2 - Su'Scon 1000uf 25v UK 105 degrees
x2 - Su'Scon 470uf 35v MC 105 degrees
x2 - Su'Scon 220uf 35v MF 105 degrees
x3 - Su'Scon 2.2uf 50v SK 105 degrees
X3 - CapXon 1000uf 10v KF 105 degree

Thanks again for any help with getting this thing going again!!
This appears to be a design which combines power supply, inverter, and controller onto a single card. Interesting.

Ordinarily I would jump in and list suggested replacement parts, but you didn't include dimensions of the existing caps. Refer to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' subforum, and review the list under 'which caps should I buy'.

This is an updated procedure for selecting caps.

Go to Near the top right corner of the page is a box with Part Number / Keyword. Enter capacitor and click Go.

Click on Aluminum.

Under Series select the series of caps you believe are acceptable. I usually limit myself to Panasonic FC and FM, but don't hesitate to select more.

Under Capacitance select the value you need.

Under Voltage select the voltage

Under Package/Case select Radial

Place a check mark by In Stock, then click Apply Filters

Now I just did this for 680 F 10 V and got exactly 4 hits. Looking over the specs, I see Panasonic FC and FM in two case sizes. I also note that FM series is rated for a longer life, and costs less. So I click on the Stock Number for the proper case size. On this page I enter the Quantity and click on Add to Order.

Alternatively I can copy the Digi-Key Part Number and Manufacturer Part Number to a list and someone else can use these to place an order.

Then I repeat the process.

I prefer Digi-Key because they have good prices, a good inventory, and offer a First Class Mail shipping option. This will get your order to you in two days for about $2.00 in shipping.

Note that in some cases dimensions are critical. Make sure the parts you select are not too tall or to wide to fit!!

For a number of reasons, both health and personal, I will no longer be active on this board. Any PMs asking for assistance will be ignored.

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