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Default Re: Weird SSD Issue

Originally Posted by ratdude747 View Post
One issue... I don't have either the user or the master password! Both methods seem to require one to know the password already... which I don't since it wasn't set by a conscious person.

Topcat didn't set it... it set itself due to a glitch of some sort?

If the drive is in "frozen" state (ATA command) and sleeping the drive does not unset it then you can try pulling power to the drive for a second or two, that should clear it
(Frozen status is enabled by the PC BIOS during POST).

However if the drive is encrypted then you first need to clear the encryption key, this is done using a PSID revert, tools for this should exist if the drive supports it.
And the password to do so should be printed on the drive itself.
However a quick Google seems to indicate that this SSD does not support encryption, in that case the issue can not be with the encryption key being set...
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