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Default Re: best cheap/free scores 1.1

Diddled with this thing a little. It's an early/first gen P4 (skt 423 Williamette core) @ 1.8GHz and has a whopping 512mb RAM in it, which was enough to work with, but would definitely be running thin. I didn't have any larger modules of this type laying around (Rambus RDRAM).....I bought 2gb worth for it. I also removed the GeForce 2 MX 200 that was in it and tossed some previous Ratdude tradebait in it I've had for a while, in the form of an ATI Radeon 8500 AIW 64mb. Still period specific!

The HDD was bad; 80gb Western Digital....I had the same size in a seagate, I just ran with that and installed XP (COA'd for win2k). It had a SB Live in it and a PCI 3Com NIC. I pulled the 3com NIC to try a little experiment. This machine has a CNR slot, which gave me the opportunity to use up one of the 4 new old stock CNR 10/100 Intel NIC's I have...Motherboards with CNR slots were very fickle about what could go in them, most CNR's would only run modems...but this one had no issues with the CNR NIC. That keylock thing on the front apparently was a primitive drive lockout system for the optical & floppy. There's a 34-pin floppy ribbon that this interfaced with between the motherboard and the drive, which I guess would not allow communication. To stop the optical; get ready for cut the power! I removed this idiotic thing and replaced it with a Gateway badged CD writer from 2001 (keeping it period-specific) to go along with it's original DVDROM drive.

I didn't take a whole lot of pics of this, I doubt anyone really cares all that much....but it was fun to play with...apparently these are becoming quite I'll just keep everything together and add it to my weird retro fleet. With the exception of the speakers, everything is present. It's in fabulous physical condition. No yellowing, no scratches, no dents.

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