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Default IC Marking Codes and Datasheets

Datasheets & Other Info

Q1 2022 Catalog:

Top markings

The first 2 or 3 characters are the marking code,the next 3 are Year, Week and Lot number.

Marking list

Key: N/D = No Datasheet, N/S = No Schematic, ( ) = Schematic the IC is used in

P/T = Package Type, N/I = No Information , *** = Year - Week - Lot number

3A***     SY8388C3RHC  - N/D (Wistron SouthPeak13 ADL-P)
A0S***    SY8210AQVC   - N/D (LA-D993P)
AA***     SY8008AAAC   - P/T SOT23-5, TSOT23-5
AAJ***    SY6288AFAC
AAL***    SY6288BFAC
AAM***    SY6288CFAC
AAN***    SY6288DFAC
AB***     SY8008BAAC
ABD***    SY6288BCAC
ABE***    SY6288DCAC
ABT***    SY6288ACAC
ABU***    SY6288CCAC
ABV***    SY6288EFAC
ABW***    SY6288ECAC
AC***     SY8008CAAC
ACJ***    SY6288D1FAC
ACK***    SY6288D1CAC
AD***     SY8009AAAC
ADK***    SY6288C1CAC  - P/T MSOP8
ADL***    SY6288C2CAC  - P/T MSOP8
AE***     SY8065ABC    - N/D (Pegatron VA70) P/T SOT23-6
AEH***    SY6288D2CAC  - P/T MSOP8
AEX***    SY6288C4CAC  - P/T MSOP8
AHV***    SY6288D10CAC - N/D (LA-B211P)
AJY**     SY8213
Ar***     SYX196C1QNC  - N/D (NM-A381)
ARW***    SY6288C30CAC - P/T MSOP8
AS***     SY8009BEBC
AWF***    SY6982E
AWR***    SY8286ARAC
AWS***    SY8288RAC    - N/D (LA-C371P)
AWV***    SY8286BRAC   - N/D (LA-C371P)
AWW***    SY8286CRAC   - N/D (LA-C371P)
AZD***    SY6288C5CAC  - P/T MSOP8
AZE***    SY6288D5CAC  - P/T MSOP8
B0D***    SYV828CRAC   - N/D (LA-F401P)
BAA***    SY8286RAC    - (LA-F486P)
BAB***    SY8288BRAC   - N/D (LA-F611P)
BAC***    SY8288CRAC   - N/D (Quanta ZHP ZSP)
BC****    SY8310RAC    - N/D (NM-C421) (LA-J261P - N/S)
BDJ***    SY8288ARAC   - N/D (HuaQin NB2593)
BG***     SY8008BACC  
BI***     SY8008AACC
BID***    SY8284RAC    - N/D (LA-G021P)
BIE***    SY8284BRAC   - (LA-G07FP)
BIL***    SY8284CRAC   - N/D (Vellfire-6050a3087503-mb-a01)
BP***     SY8033BDBC   - N/D (LA-6222P)
Bq***     SY6288D30AAC - P/T SOT23-5
BQX***    SY8180CRAC   - N/D (LA-F611P)
Br***     SY6288C30AAC - P/T SOT23-5
BTX***    SY8270CTMC   - N/D (LA-H492P)
Bu***     SY6288DAAC
CO***     SY6280       - P/T SOT23-5
CO***     SY6288EAAC   - P/T SOT23-5
CU***     SY8009BABC
CW***     SY6288AAAC
CXL***    SYV828C1RAC  - P/T QFN3ラ3-16 (LA-F711P)
DB***     SY6288BAAC
DF***     SY6288CAAC
DS***     SY6288D1AAC
EC***     SY8063DBC
EI***     SY6827
EN***     SY8201ABC    - P/T SOT23-6
Fd***     SY6288A1AAC  - P/T SOT23-5
FK***     SY8032ABC    - N/D (LA-B102P)
fM***     SY8032IABC   - LA-K701P
FN***     SY76875DBI   - N/D N/I
FP***     SY6288C3AAC  - P/T SOT23-5
Gg***     SY8057QDC    - N/D (LA-E153P)
GN***     SY8809DFC    - N/D (LA-8712P) P/T DFN-8 2X2
GP***     SY8037ADCC   - N/D (LA-8711P) P/T DFN12P
GT***     SY8037BDCC   - N/D (LA-8391P)
HA***     SY8036LDBC   - N/D (LA-8241P)
HC***     SY6288C6AAC  - N/D (Wistron Husk Petra -4M)
HI***     SY8037DDCC   - N/D (LA-8941P)
HU***     SYW232DFC    - N/D (Wistron EA30_BM) P/T DFN-8 2X2
JD***     SY8003DFC
JR***     SY8104ADC
JX***     SY8089AAC    - (NM-A311P)
Kd***     SY8386RHC    - (LA-H101P)
Km***     SY6288E1AAC  - (NH70RCQ_6-71-NH500-D02A)
KT***     SY8868QMC    - N/D (NM-A271) P/T QFN-10
KW***     SY8003ADFC
LD***     SY8088AAC
MB***     SY8032EABC
mH***     SY8057CQDC   - N/D (Wistron SouthPeak13 ADL-P)
MS***     SY8208BQNC   - N/D (LA-9535P + Read post #6
MT***     SY8208CQNC   - N/D (LA-9535P)
MU***     SY8208DQNC   - N/D (LA-A091P + Read posts 11 and 12
ND***     SY8206BQNC   - N/D (NM-A281)
Ne***     SY6288E2AAC  - P/T SOT23-5
NE***     SY8206CQNC   - N/D (LA-A021P ?)
NF***     SY8206DQNC   - N/D (LA-A021P)
PE***     SYV634DEC    - N/D (NM-C421)
Qq***     SY8386BRHC   - N/D (EL432 EL532 LA-H131P)
QW***     SY6280AAAC   - P/T SOT23-5
RE***     SY6288D20AAC - (LA-C371P)
RF***     SYX198BQNC   - N/D (NM-A561)
RG***     SYX198CQNC   - N/D (NM-A561)
RH***     SYX198DQNC   - N/D (LA-E311P)
RI***     SYX196BQNC   - N/D (LA-A994P)
RJ***     SYX196CQNC   - N/D (LA-C282P)
RK***     SYX196DQNC   - N/D (LA-D071P)
rM***     SY8388CRHC   - N/D (NM-D031)
RT***     SY6288C20AAC - (LA-C371P)
Te***     SY6861B1ABC  - (LA-G021P)
VC***     SY8003EDFC
Vt***     SY8843QWC    - N/D (SF314-57 NB8511 MB)
Wm***     SY8057BQDC   - N/D N/S
XT***     SY8253ADC    - P/T TSOT23-6
XU***     SY8253AIC    - P/T TSOT23-8
yQ***     SY8388BRHC   - N/D N/S
YU***     SY8201CABC   - P/T SOT23-6 
YW***     SY8368QNC    - P/T QFN3x3-10


Thanks to Zibbo for the picture.
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