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CSE/Layout Project Error Message - FIT Tool

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    CSE/Layout Project Error Message - FIT Tool


    Has anyone come across the attached error message whilst using CSME System Tools v16.0 r3.

    I've just loaded up an XML generated from the same application, and the error appears with no real clue as to how to fix it:

    Exception: Error occurred whilst trying to create container CseRegion. Reason Mismatch between CSE version and layout project version
    Layout Accepts: 16.0.x.y
    Source: CsePlugin: CseRegion
    Source: CsePlugin

    Thanks in advance (hopefully someone knows....)
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    Re: CSE/Layout Project Error Message - FIT Tool

    I managed to fix my own issue.

    Turns out that the error is produced if using segments (derived from PFS tool) of a BIOS package, within FIT tools decomp folder, that is newer than the image taken from the board itself. For example, if your laptop has bios v1.5 installed, you download and use a stock v1.6 bios image, and build your new one from parts of both. Simply using the same stock version as the one on your board (v1.5) or an older bios version (v1.0) image seems to make things work as expected.