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Default Re: Netgear NightHawk X8 Ac5300 / R8500

Hello everyone. Sorry I did play a bit more with the router. I found the aforementioned buttons have 4 legs. The 2 outer legs are the legs for the button jack and the inner 2 appear to be for the button itself. I was able to get about 2.7 volts measuring the inner legs. I tried shorting those 2 inner legs but didn't seem to make a difference. I even tried making a solder bridge but no apparent effect. I did notice that if I disconnect the router from my adjacent router I do get the Internet light to illuminate. If i hook up a device to one of the output ports from the router to say a laptop. that lights up as well and I seem to get an infinite connecting loop from the device I'm using. Not sure what that leaves me with at this point. For the moment, I am unable to try the suggestion to use a serial connection using the jumpers and a terminal as i do not have the proper cable. I'm not sure how i'd wire something like that anyway unless there's a special cable built for that.
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