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Default Re: Supermicro P6DGU Retro Build

Oh that Made in USA sticker... I spotted it from far away and I love it!

Dual P3's @ 1 GHz - that should handle quite a bit. I tried the same in my CUR-DLS motherboard (though my CPUs are the 133 MHz version, so not that rare... but for $2 I can't complain at all) and it was pretty speedy, even with XP. If fact, I'm kind of wondering why you didn't put XP on there. With 2 GB of RAM and those CPUs, it will handle a much newer browser than FF12.
And you have AGP slot in that? - Nice! My crappy CUR-DLS only has PCI and PCI-X. Best PCI card I have is a GeForce 8400 GS, and that's already reserved for another PC. Besides, even a very good PCI card is slow compared to AGP due to slow nature of PCI bus.

So you got quite the good hardware there. Imagine if you had a time machine and traveled back a little, then showed your rig to people. I bet they'd be drooling hard.

Now it's just a cool functional museum piece. But can still be useful, if you have the right software and whatnot. And in this condition, it might be worth good money some day. Actually, people are putting crazy prices on old hardware like this already. I'm not sure if anyone is ever buying this stuff at that price... but I guess they must be if those auctions/listings exist. Who knows.

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