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Default Re: eMachines T3092 random no video; bad caps?

Originally Posted by SB-X
OK. Can't do anything to the motherboard yet anyway. Currently having trouble *removing* the caps from my practice board (a PCI winmodem, which thanks to my efforts has lost some of its traces); but going to keep at it.
Thats okay, you'll get better with practicing.
It's easier if you heat only one leg at a time and wiggle the capacitor out. I've included some pictures below of this "wiggle" method (MS Pain style ).

Basically you go through steps 1 and 2 until the capacitor comes out.

Originally Posted by SB-X
HD3650, which didn't do fine at all with the Bestec in relatively modern games. Although maybe it was the bad caps causing my crashes/resets and not an overall lack of power?
Could be the Bestec if the 12v goes too low, but I'm leaning towards the bad capacitors on the motherboard. When you fix your board (and check the Bestec), measure the 12v rail with a Multimeter while system is idle. If it's dipping below 11.4v, you'll need a better power supply with a stronger 12v rail.

Originally Posted by SB-X
The Coolmax isn't even that quiet. (it is advertised as such, having only one 80mm fan)
They probably removed the fan controller to save a few cents. I'm not surprised at all.

Originally Posted by SB-X
What's the cheapest "good" 450W power supply? Say, for a budget gaming computer.
Depends mostly on the processor, video card, and the system type (whether it's the older 5v-based, which pulls more power from the 5v rail, or the newer 12v-based). Either way, a 450W PSU might even be good for a mid-end gaming PC with a single video card (as long as it's 450 "real" watts).
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