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JVC (Vestel) 17IPS72r4 PSU

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    JVC (Vestel) 17IPS72r4 PSU


    I'm looking at a JVC 43" Vestel made TV. It has a VERY intermittent problem with no backlight but has display, sound etc. when switching on. I've tested the backlight circuit, all ok.

    I've fixed so many of these sort of TVs I thought I had this problem under my belt but this one is different.

    Here's a pic of the hot side of the psu, there are two unknown (to me) components marked sr2 and sr5, can anyone identify what they are? The top one (sr5) is shorted, the bottom one isnt. I also attach the psu schematic although that doesn't really tell me what they do apart from 'SMD Pingood'. What does that mean?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: JVC (Vestel) 17IPS72r4 PSU

    The top one is connected to the same copper track so gives the impression of being shorted.
    I think these are spacers or marker points possibly used when the components are machine populated or possibly standoffs for oven flow
    Willing to help but I'm no expert.


      Re: JVC (Vestel) 17IPS72r4 PSU

      They are supports they provide a space to stop the board from shorting / flexing onto the chassis

      To the left SR3 is unpopulated

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        Re: JVC (Vestel) 17IPS72r4 PSU

        They are meant to be shorted I’d start looking at the backlight a little closer. Check what the outputs feeding back, I’ve had loads of Vestels with lose connections that appear to be fine. Also shorted Leds which when they warm up fail open circuit interment.
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