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  • Dell XPS 13 9360

    Model: XPS 13 9360
    Motherboard: LA-D841P Rev 3.0 (A02)
    i7 7th gen
    Service Tag CMVF7H2

    Backlight but no display, no beep/light codes. Flashed the 256MB chip with what's posted on here. Do I need files for the two smaller Winbond chips?

    Original dump attached
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  • kimb
    started a topic Dell XPS 13 9360 i7 Gen 7

    Dell XPS 13 9360 i7 Gen 7

    Hi. This laptop has 3 Winbond chips on it. 2 x 8MB and one 256MB. I've reflashed the 256MB chip with a download from here. Where do I get the firmware for the other two?

    Basically the machine won't boot. It was doing a Windows update and just stopped working, turns on but no display, no error codes.

    Any advice would be great, thanks.
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  • Re: A1706 MBP Strange Power On with battery issue

    Around 12.6v on PPBUS_G3H

    12.3v pin3 of D6902

    Gotta send it back now so all I can do. :-(
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  • Re: A1706 MBP Strange Power On with battery issue

    Thanks for replying.

    I've already told my customer it's almost a non issue as the thing powers up from cold on battery when the lid is opened, so not so much an issue for them.

    I will however do your suggestions before I put it back together and report back here. It might give a clue for someone else as not common by the looks.

    I suppose most people have the 'open lid power on' option set on so it's not a problem until the battery has failed. Then opening and closing the lid won't work....
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  • A1706 MBP Strange Power On with battery issue


    I have an odd issue with this A1706 which I'm having problems tracking down.

    It will cold boot when plugged in to the charger.

    Battery charges up fine and works fine unplugged.

    Cold boot on battery power does NOT work!

    Cold boot on battery power by opening and closing the lid works!

    No liquid damage or burnt stuff. There was one small cap hanging off just below the CPU (C1028) but that wasn't the issue. Looked like a manufacturing fault.

    Anyone seen this issue before?
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  • Swap HP laptop intel mobo for AMD mobo


    I've swapped a dead HP DAX1BDMB6F0 Intel board with a HP DA0X21MB6D0 AMD board. It fits fine, boots up fine, HDMI output works fine but there is NO video output on the display. The AMD board came from a 17" laptop whereas this is a 15" laptop. Is the screen size difference the problem here? I tried a few different BIOS versions but no joy.

    Anyone any ideas?

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  • Re: Hp 15 5 blinks and 3 fast blinks

    Hello. Same issue here. Did you manage to fix it?
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  • JVC (Vestel) 17IPS72r4 PSU


    I'm looking at a JVC 43" Vestel made TV. It has a VERY intermittent problem with no backlight but has display, sound etc. when switching on. I've tested the backlight circuit, all ok.

    I've fixed so many of these sort of TVs I thought I had this problem under my belt but this one is different.

    Here's a pic of the hot side of the psu, there are two unknown (to me) components marked sr2 and sr5, can anyone identify what they are? The top one (sr5) is shorted, the bottom one isnt. I also attach the psu schematic although that doesn't really...
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  • Re: LG 60PK590 mainboard ?

    Just about to reflow this for the 4th time since my previous post. So this isn't a permanent fix!
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  • Re: LG 60PK590 mainboard ?

    Same model telly. reflowed the cpu. all working again!
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  • Re: Dead Vestel 17IPS71 power board

    Hello. I just had one of these in. Not a simple one so I did all the suggestions on here. Really hard in my case as everything looked like it was working, but it didn't switch on. 5v to sensor , 12v and @25v off the rails etc but still no start. Very odd. The power worked but would not start up. Feed power to the backlight works. So must be the media board. I advised the customer that it was uneconomical to repair as this TV is worth less than the part. Wished I could fix it but no go. So not always the power board. I hate saying this as it just...
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