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Input Filter Filling: How to Choose Components?

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    Input Filter Filling: How to Choose Components?

    Recently acquired one of those silly Logisys acrylic power supplies and lucked into getting one of the "better" ones (most of an input filter, bridge rectifier instead of 4 diode treatment, OK-sized heatsinks, etc.) and wanted to fill out what I can on the board + get some decent caps on there (especially the primary side since I highly doubt the ones in there are actually 1000uf). My questions are:

    1. How do I know what components to install re: the input filter? It seem to be missing an X cap, a resistor, and a Y cap.
    2. Where can I find a good heatsink for the bridge rectifier?

    Attached are pics of the missing component sections in question
    Attached Files

    Typical values: ,33uF for the X cap ; 2200uF for Y caps. Check whether CY1 and CY2 are agency approved Y caps, not just parts rated 1000 VDC. If they are not agency approved parts rated for AC voltage, replace them. For the X cap, just match the lead spacing and available space. The Y cap locations are probably sized for ceramic Y caps.
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