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Wanted: Reputable and responsive PCB repair company name and contact info.

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    Wanted: Reputable and responsive PCB repair company name and contact info.

    Been getting pretty tired of searching for and contacting PCB repair companies online. Filling out the company's Quote Request forms, explaining the problem, attaching photos then sending them out and hearing nothing back. Have done this at least 5 or 6 times and not one quote. Why is this? Don't these companies need or want the work? If anyone knows of a company that will do what they say, as in, supply a quote for a PCB repair. Or at least respond to me. Please let me know their name and contact information. I will be tremendously grateful. Thanks

    Re: Wanted: Reputable and responsive PCB repair company name and contact info.

    This is nothing new. There is hardly anybody out there that does component level board repair. All these companies want to do these days is to sell you either a replacement board or a new product. I’ve talked about this problem many times. It’s better for the company to make an easy sale, than hire an expensive tech that knows something to do a board repair.


      Re: Wanted: Reputable and responsive PCB repair company name and contact info.

      What kind of equipment is this? PC board repair is extremely difficult and extremely risky.
      You don't have schematics, part numbers etc. and then after replacing 9 parts the 10th part cannot be found or blows up. Giving a quotation is silly because you don't know how it will turn out and will lose your shirt if you make a mistake.
      You need lots of expertise and juniors just make a train wreck.

      I'll do repairs for industrial control boards, I am getting HVAC rooftop unit boards for repair that are over $700 to swap out and the manufacturer is no longer in business after being bought out. Cheaper to fix the board than replace the rooftop unit.

      Mr. Carlson's Lab does repair CNC machine and PLC boards at top notch quality and price.


        Re: Wanted: Reputable and responsive PCB repair company name and contact info.

        It depends on what type of boards you are talking about because depending on the type of board it is the company in question does not have a mean to test them this might be the reason for no reply

        Have you tried “One Stop Equipment Repair” there phone number is (336)472-6771 and ask to speak to a technician after you have talk to the intake person and explain in detail what you have and what is the exact issue that you are having

        I also once sent a controller for some piece of equipment I do not remember exactly what type of equipment it was from but after they had it for a couple of weeks they said that was to much wrong with it to economically worth repairing ( this included shipping it back and forth and for them to evaluate the controller board plus they had one customer in front of me but they are very up front about what they do they are not cheap however)

        They might be able to help you I once had a PLC issue and was going to be very expensive to put a new version of a PLC in this machine and they were able to repair but I had to send them the old PLC

        Plus they also help me with a PLC that had a bad main/switching power supply and what version of this PLC had the same exact board that I need and bought them from EBay and then had to send the PLC back to equipment manufacturer for the PLC for the programming lock to be removed ( this equipment was very old )

        This company can also do Servo board repairs as well however I caution you that if has a program lock on the controller they are not going to be able to help you because it requires the machine serial number for the drive to be activate please be aware of this issue I have run into this issue in the past ( I ended up repairing this board my self because of this issue ( they would not be able to test the automatic equipment setting of the drive this was on a CNC machine that was also very old as well ) three out of the four of them were switching power supply issues bad capacitors on power supply section of the drive the four one had an issue that I could not figure out what was exactly what was wrong with I ended up buying a new drive because it had a lot hours of use on the clock counter

        You might have to take some pictures of the boards in question for them to know if they can help you or not

        I also do board repairs on some boards depending on what is the exact issue with them I also have repaired air conditioning defrost boards a few times as well and Servo drive main boards on some of the older version with bad capacitors that have no ESR value anymore or that they are leaking issues

        I also follow his forum Mr. Carlson's Lab I find that he is very good I have watch quite a few of his videos before

        I hope this helps you
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        9 PC LCD Monitor
        6 LCD Flat Screen TV
        30 Desk Top Switching Power Supply
        10 Battery Charger Switching Power Supply for Power Tool
        6 18v Lithium Battery Power Boards for Tool Battery Packs
        1 XBox 360 Switching Power Supply and M Board
        25 Servo Drives 220/460 3 Phase
        6 De-soldering Station Switching Power Supply 1 Power Supply
        1 Dell Mother Board
        15 Computer Power Supply
        1 HP Printer Supply & Control Board * lighting finished it *

        These two repairs where found with a ESR meter...> Temp at 50*F then at 90*F the ESR reading more than 10%

        1 Over Head Crane Current Sensing Board ( VFD Failure Five Years Later )
        2 Hem Saw Computer Stack Board

        All of these had CAPs POOF
        All of the mosfet that are taken out by bad caps


          Re: Wanted: Reputable and responsive PCB repair company name and contact info.

          I run a shop in Greenville NC that basically only does board level repairs. I do everything ranging from Xbox/PlayStations to no power faults on laptops and power supply repairs. Anything with a circuit board that isn't a TV is what I work on. I also do commercial and industrial equipment PCB repairs for several of the business in Greenville and the surrounding area.

          My current big or most interesting to me "projects" are a 1969 Lodge & Shiply lathe motor controller board and a couple of yamaha powered speakers for a local DJ.

          The shop is called BradyRepairs and the phone number is 252-341-1046. Feel free to call anytime or stop in if you live anywhere near here.

          Business hours
          Wed-Fri 10am-6pm
          Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm



            Re: Wanted: Reputable and responsive PCB repair company name and contact info.

            Thanks for responding. The Circuit board I'm trying to get repaired is out of a Vintage Robonetics Robosapien V2 Robot Item No. 8091 sold by WowWee Robotics. Due to the use of cheap wiring material, inside the bot, the insulation on the wire decays and falls off after only a short time. When the unit is turned on a short occurs and fries components. It is not getting power. One board, that controls the motors only has a part number on it namely ( 6028-20G* ) . However the PCB that this plugs into behind it has the letters EW and the part # (6028-1G ) on it. Please see attached photo. I am assuming that the problem is with this PCB because it is the main board and power supply, also because it contains the IC chips and power on/off switch connector There appears to be a burn or smoke mark, on the back of it, next to a 4MHZ crystal and a IC chip. Would you be able to take a crack at it? Also, what might you charge for your diagnostics? I live in Jacksonville NC Thank you.
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