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Need new part for microwave

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    Need new part for microwave

    Hi, my microwave quit working today after my daughter made something and i think i found the problem. i am enclosing a few pics of what i "THINK" is a thermal has "KSD1" .....and "160/" on the front of it....but i am not sure what this means or where to buy it.

    when i measure across this device it measures an "open" so i and i think it should be a short......

    thoughts on where i can get a replacement device?
    thoughts on if this is thermal fuse and should measure a short?
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    Re: Need new part for microwave

    It's a bimetal thermal switch. It should open up if what it's mounted on gets too hot. It should close again when what it's mounted on cools.

    On eBay,
    PeteS in CA

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      Re: Need new part for microwave

      Bimetal thermostat type KSD

      Response temperature: 160 +/- 5 °С
      Temperature : release -130 +/- 15 °С
      Switching scheme : SPST NC - normally closed contact
      Working voltage : 250V
      Rated current : 10 A


        Re: Need new part for microwave

        You should be able to find one at an appliance repair shop, or on line KSD1-160
        It should reset but is likely defective, for a temporary fix, try taping the silver part with a screwdriver handle or similar, then check if it reset, this might get it going until you get a new part.


          Re: Need new part for microwave

          think its ok to buy this used one?


            Re: Need new part for microwave

            Originally posted by Welchs101 View Post
            Why buy a used part, here
   about $9.00 for the part, and $9.00 shipping

            I'm sure there are lots of other sources, check locally, it should be a common part
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              Re: Need new part for microwave

              i checked this morning at my local appliance parts store and they said they dont sell that particular part so i am going to have to order it online.

              ?SHould i do as someone suggested where i short out the current bad part just to make sure that the microwave will turn on?



                Re: Need new part for microwave

                You could do this BUT I would not recommend that you run it in the bypass mode other than just for testing it
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                  Re: Need new part for microwave

                  ok so i shorted the thermal switch and power returned to thats the good news.

                  so now i am trying find the part. i prefer not to use ebay just because its ebay and i have had issues with it in the past. i have also had really good experiences but when they are bad its hard to get money back. anyway, i was wondering if its possible to identify the manufacturer for the KSD1 160 part?

                  Any ideas?


                    Re: Need new part for microwave

                    quick question for you all.

                    Do you think the "/" in the 160/ is important. The reason i ask is i have found some replacements where what is shown on the "lid" has the 160 but no "/"

                    i finally found the actual part number and its WB27X11210

                    if you go on ge's web site and sure enough this part , which is kinda expensive relative to how much a new machine costs, has the "/" i am just wondering if the parts that have 160 but no "/" if they will really work or not



                      Re: Need new part for microwave

                      The / is not important, KSD1 is the series 160 is the temperature rating. Do you really want to pay $50.00 + s&h for it?

                      Some are listed kds1.160, kds1/160, kds1-160


                        Re: Need new part for microwave

                        no i dont want to pay ~ $50 for the "/" part since i can buy a brand new microwave for ~ $150.........

                        But paying say $15 for a part and seeing if this works is i may do this but only if the "non /" part is the same as the one that has the "/"..........

                        any idea why it has the "/" on some parts and not on others?


                          Re: Need new part for microwave

                          I do not know why some put a slash on the end, normally it is between the ksd1/160 to separate the part series from the temperature rating, that's all.
                          If it was made in China or some other country like it, they sometimes mark things different,