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    Scr / thyristers

    If the schematic calls for a 200v scr can i replace it with a 400v scr?

    Re: Scr / thyristers

    Yes, as long as the other parameters ar also as good or better ie: current


      Re: Scr / thyristers

      That particular spec means that the device has to withstand at least 200v. reverse. But there are other important specs with thyristors, especially the turn-on voltage and turn-on pulse width required. Also, you need to look at requirements for the reverse voltage width. If too narrow, the SCR won't turn off. Or, you could just slap in the replacement and look for smoke (just kidding).
      Is it plugged in?


        Re: Scr / thyristers

        What are you going to use it for resistance load or on a inductive load ?
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