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Achi IR6500 trouble

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    Achi IR6500 trouble


    I've bought a new Ir 6500 but i have this problem.

    I used the same program of my old IR 6000. Bottom 280°, head a slow ramp till 245°. First time using IR6500 the BGA moved at 220°. Second try same. After this it's impossible to move the BGA.
    With bottom at 350°, and the head till 250°, the bga don't move.
    I've send back the IR 6500, the supplier send me another one....
    Same problem. first job was ok, after second job the Bga don't move.

    this is the program that i use about head:
    r1 - 1.0
    l1 - 80
    D1- 60

    R2 - 1.0
    L2 - 125
    D2 - 50

    R3 - 1.0
    L3 - 160
    D3 - 60

    R4 - 1.0
    L4 - 185
    D4 - 50

    R5 - 1.5
    L5 - 220
    D5 - 60

    R6 - 1.5
    L6 - 245
    D6 - 90

    HB 500

    Please help me!!



    Re: Achi IR6500 trouble

    maybe its the clearance between the preheater and the topheater. use external thermocouple and calibrate your system.


      Re: Achi IR6500 trouble

      do you use the tinfoil, which comes with this rework station?


        Re: Achi IR6500 trouble

        is this profile for ps4


          Re: Achi IR6500 trouble

          Hi sir maybe you can help me out. It's easy to remove the controller you just press a tab on the right side and pull the unit out. Just make sure you don't plug it in the wrong direction like I did.


            Re: Achi IR6500 trouble

            Good evening everyone,
            on this way I wanted to ask for help in this forum for my Achi brand IR 6500 (wanted to start removing some mainboard sockets again)

            I bought the BGA Rework Station used on eBay about half a year ago (according to the previous owner it had only been used 4 times) and after the second time I switched it on I had the problem that the display of the Altec PC410 didn't start anymore.
            Now it had turned out that the fuse as well as the PWM module (Top 223YN) have failed.
            When I replaced them, the machine was running, but I didn't have time to use it and test it properly.

            Today, when I found time again, I noticed that it turns on and is recognized in PSoft, but the temperature on the Altec PC410 rises to 1376°C and then displays "Sn b" as an error (PSoft also displays the same).

            So through this blog post I wanted to ask for help if anyone knows about this, what the error is and how I can repair it (if it is even repairable) and what spare parts I need to do this.

            Would be very happy to hear back about this problem


              Re: Achi IR6500 trouble

              ust wanted to give a quick update on the failure ��
              Had to turn on the station, remove the sensor and reattach it.
              Sorry for the big commotion ��

              This video has helped me ��