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Originally Posted by marinesman215 View Post
Are these what you guys are looking for?? How did you tell they were bloated from that far away.. You guys are SICK!!
It's easy: the tops of the caps are raised on at least one of them is actually leaking. The larger ones appear to be 1000uF, 10Volt. What series Capxons are they? Usually it's a 2 or 3-letter code (such as FC) near the temp rating.

If you're going to replace them, the sizes are important because if they're too tall you can't put the back on the TV without hitting them. If the diameter is too large you won't be able to fit them in if in tight placement.

Presuming you're in the US, Mouser and Digikey are good, reliable sources for parts. DON'T rely on Radioshack for capacitors. Their capacitors are general purpose and will not work reliably in power supplies and computers (SMPS-Switch-Mode Power Supply).
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