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Default Repair Fence Energizer SS-1000E Fi-Shock

Hi there,

This is a sentimental box/educational challenge at this point; spent a whole day trying to figure out how this works and what is broken - learned a LOT but could not (yet) figure what is wrong or get it to work

Pulled many of the parts out of circuit to measure, and they look OK. Here is what I've tested.

1) Voltage when unit is Energized from CN-A1 (Line) to CN-A2 (NEUT) is ~230V, trying to "follow" that voltage:

1.1) voltage across M1 and C3 is really LOW, lie 4-6VAC, not anything 200+?

Have not pulled these two out of circuit since never tested such beasts went with what i know already

2) the two Diodes D1 & D2 appear to let current only one way, so think these are OK

3) pulled the SCR and tested with volt trigger, volt drop ~0.75

4) Capacitor C2, pulled out and measures 22uF (50V) as marked.

5) Cloud not figure how to measure D3 (DIAC?) it has "531 DB3" on it and it's blue:
maybe it is this:
diode tester both direction shows nothing, but maybe that is normal, never had to test such a thing

it's very small, don't think it is bad.. just a guess

6) Resistor R3 out of circuit measures 2M, R5 in-circuit measures 220.

7) with B1 & B2 connected to main board, the voltage between B1 & B2 is ~0VAC when unit is energized, i.e. unit as-is, no changes.

once wires to "coil" (via B1 & B2) are disconnected, then the power between B1 & B2 on the main power board is about 5-6VAC~.

8) BLUE ceramic capacitor marked 501K 20KV (500pF) comes as 540pF out of circuit, not sure if this is too much or still regarded OK, this it the part i think:

A bit lost as to why the device is not working, i.e. voltage between Ground and Fence is ZERO and no light turns on....

If the large board should only output 6VAC, which it does, then, something on the "coil" is bad, or that BLUE ceramic capacitor #8 above is bad, or maybe it's that C2 (not sure if testing same as any capacitor?) or that Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV, no clue how to test for that)..

Not sure how to prove beyond that and appreciate any tips.

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