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Default Re: HP Compaq Model CQ3430AN bios bin file

Originally Posted by desone01 View Post
Thanks very much for the help. I flashed the bios with the file you supplied and it did come up with an error at the end of the flash procedure. "main memory and contents are in disagreement" I was using a CH341A programmer with a 1.8v adapter and software version 1.34. The Compaq bios chip is a MXIC - MX25V8006E 2.5v. I had to use one of those usb video microscopes to read the surface of the eprom. I didn't purchase the real cheap one on eBay but one with a full HD resolution. They are very handy little gadgets.

I ignored the error and tested the motherboard and it was still doing the same thing after I tested it. Of course I read and backed up the existing bios prior to flashing with the one you supplied. I will carry out some further research and see if the error displayed was the problem, however I don't think I will be. The motherboard is most likely dead. It does power up after about 4 attempts at starting but there are no sounds from the on board beeper and no screen. I have already checked the RAM.
You don`t need to use the 1.8V adapter as the chip isn`t 1.8V,its 3.3V .The supplied CH341A software is quite poor,luckily there`s some alternatives such as Flashrom,AsProgrammer,Colibri and NeoProgrammer. Attached is a copy of NeoProgrammer and a picture showing the language button so you can change to english. Set the hardware to CH341A then use the IC search , the MX25V8006E is supported .
EDIT: If you have the CH341A black pcb version it might need modifying. Check if its output is 5V on pin 28,if so then do the 3.3V mod - ,there are youtube videos too and lots of other info about the mod if you search

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